Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Commercial indoor playground equipment for sale mainly refers to the indoor soft playground equipment for business use, they usually come with much bigger size than the residential indoor playground equipment. Size of the commercial theme indoor playground equipment from Beston Playground are ranging from 500 square meters to 5000 square meters. But indoor playground equipment is a type of indoor play area that needs to be customized, it needs to be customized according to customers requirement and venue situation. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for suitable indoor project solutions for commercial use right now!

Commercial Theme Indoor Play Equipment for Sale
Commercial Theme Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

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Different Types of Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Indoor playground equipment for commercial use is a customized indoor playground, which can be customized according to the requirement of investors. As a professional indoor playground solution provider, we currently have various types of commercial use indoor playground equipment for customers to choose. It mainly includes different themes of indoor playground equipment, different shapes of indoor playground equipment and different layers of indoor playground equipment for commercial use. Here is the best-selling indoor playground equipment for investors in our company!

Different Themes for Commercial Use

  • Forest themes indoor soft play equipment for commercial uses

The themes of the indoor children’s playground equipment is mainly bright and diverse styles, they are more popular with investors and families, so our company provides customers with a variety of colors and themes of indoor soft play equipment, mainly including forest themes, ocean themes, space themes, candy themes, british themes, castle themes, etc., each style has its own characteristics, and when choosing, you can match different games according to the overall style of your indoor project.

Different Play Structures for Commercial Use

  • Comprehensive Indoor Playground Equipment for Commercial

According to the structure and shapes, we provide customers with traditional single unpowered naughty castles and comprehensive naughty castles. The games of  single naughty castle mainly include slides, trampolines, rock climbing, ocean balls and some other basic games. In addition to basic games, the comprehensive indoor naughty castle can also be equipped with interactive games, VR games and amusement rides, such as self-control plane rides, carousel, children’s roller coasters, etc.

Applications of Commercial Indoor Play Ground Equipment

Different from small residential indoor naughty castles, commercial naughty castle equipment is a comprehensive indoor children’s playground. It can not only include soft bag naughty castle equipment, children’s slides, trampolines, but also some mechanical equipment, game console equipment, etc. For investors, it is a comprehensive quick-return moneymaker. Want to invest in an indoor park? Do you know what occasion to choose? Here are some of the most common locations for our clients:

Shopping Malls for Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment
Shopping Malls
Business Center for Using Commercial Indoor Playground
Business Center
Children's Paradise for Using Indoor Playground Equipment
Children’s Paradise
International Airport for Using Indoor Playground Equipment
International Airport
Large Communities for Using Indoor Playground Equipment
Large Communities
Kindergartens for Using Indoor Playground

Video Show of Beston Commercial Use Indoor Playground

Today, when indoor naughty castles are popular all over the world, it is undoubtedly a wise choice to invest in naughty castles. If you want to know more about Beston’s design and customer cases, the following are our naughty castle design videos (including design videos, production videos and Customer installation video, customer opening video, etc.).

Recent Cases from All Over the World

At present, we have provided suitable indoor park solutions for indoor park customers in more than 80 countries in the world, mainly including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Panama, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries, and we have also received many positive feedbacks from customer all over the world, they are very satisfied with our indoor playground equipment design, quality and service, the following are several recent naughty castle customer cases.

815㎡ Forest Indoor Playground to Panama

815㎡ Forest Indoor Playground to Panama

Last month, the Panama customer’s forest-themed indoor playground equipment has been delivered, and the project installation will start soon. When the Panama customer contacted us, he wanted to open a comprehensive indoor playground project in a local shopping mall. We provide design and equipment for the customer. In June, the order was confirmed. In addition to the basic play items, the customer also purchased some mechanical equipment, including carousel, pirate ship, etc.

Saudi Arabia Shopping Mall Playground

Saudi Arabia Shopping Mall Indoor Playground

Our customer from Saudi Arabia wants to open an indoor playground in their local shopping mall, the venue is about 1200 square meters. During the communication with the customer, we recommended several popular indoor playground equipment styles to the customer, and the customer finally chose the ocean-themed comprehensive indoor playground equipment. Our team provides customers with satisfactory solutions according to their requirements.

Qatar Airport Indoor Playground Project

Qatar Airport Indoor Playground Equipment Project

This client wants to purchase two sets of indoor playground equipment that is in stock in our company to use in the two airports in Qatar. When contacting us, the preliminary work of the client’s project in Qatar has been basically completed, including venues, funds, etc., so the client’s needs are urgent, our design team try our best  to provide customers with customized solutions faster, it took about a week to determine the final solution and about 20 days to finish the production.

Turkey Shopping Mall Indoor Playground

Turkey Shopping Mall Indoor Playground Project
Customer from  want to open a comprehensive indoor park in the mall, with an area of ​​about 800 square meters. According to the customer’s needs, we recommend the indoor equipment that is relatively popular recently and have a high return on investment. In order to provide the best solution, in addition to the naughty castle products, the customer also ordered 49 sets of VR game consoles from our company. 6 bumper cars, 4 children’s excavators, and 4 mechanical products including carousels, self-control plane and children’s coaster.

Play Area Introduction of Commercial Indoor Play Equipment for Sale

We all know that most children are interested in novel and challenging things. In the design of commercial indoor playground equipment for sale, combined with children’s preferences and interests, the products are roughly divided into various game areas such as frame area, electric area, open area and mechanical equipment area. Now let’s find out more.

The first is the traditional naughty castle frame area. This area is the most basic children’s play area. It is an area that needs to be configured regardless of the size of the naughty castle park. It mainly includes children’s slides, trampolines, climbing walls, rainbow trees and other game items.

Slide for traditional naughty castle frame area

Trampoline for traditional indoor playground area

Climbing wall for common indoor playground area

Rainbow tree in the climbing area

The second is the electric toys area, which can be equipped with various electric toys for children to play, such as coconut tree, pirate ship, small carousel candy carousel, animal carousel and so on. There is no sense of restriction in a small area in this area, and children can chase and slapstick to their heart’s content here, and electric toys can also make children play happily.

Coconut tree - electric toys area

electric games area for indoor playground

Animals merry go round - electric toys

Electric bumper car for indoor use

The third open area, it can mainly be equipped with some interactive games, including wall smashing games, sand pools, ocean ball pools, VR games, etc., which are conducive to satisfying children’s psychological requirements such as being eager to win, not to be outdone, and to explore bravely. Grow healthier, happier and smarter.

Interactive games for indoor playground open area

Interactive games water bed for kids

VR games for interactive games

Interactive games - DIY area

The fourth is the mechanical equipment area. Generally, for large indoor children’s playgrounds, in addition to the basic children’s naughty castle area, investors will also choose some mechanical equipment used in outdoor parks to make up for the lack of indoor projects, which can be increased accordingly. Some bumper cars, go-karts, carousels, self-controlled aircraft and other equipment. Make the whole interior project look more perfect.

Bumper cars recommend for indoor playground

Mechanical flying car ride recommend for indoor playground

Carousel ride for indoor playground use

Mini roller coaster ride recommend for indoor playground

Materials Used for 6 Main Parts

We have strict requirements on the materials of children’s indoor playground equipment for business use, which must be environmentally friendly, safe and harmless to children.

Pipes and Slides

Slides for indoor playground equipment
The slides are made of imported LLDPE rotomolding special materials through rotomolding, which meet the requirements of GB/T 4454-1996. The plastic wall thickness is above 6mm with bright color, the anti-ultraviolet (UV) ability reaches 8 levels. High safety with environmental materials.

Connecting Parts

Connecting parts for indoor playground equipment
The connecting parts are made of ductile iron, which effectively improves the plasticity and toughness, and manufacture higher strength connectors than carbon steel. It is mainly used for casting parts with complex stress and high requirements on strength, toughness and wear resistance.

Protective Net

Protective net with high quality
The protective net is made of high-strength nylon rope machine and high-strength nylon rope, which has the advantages of high strength and good safety performance, high strength and good safety performance, and meets the GB/T3091-2001 standard to ensure the safety of kids.

Ocean Ball

Ocean ball for kids indoor playground
The ocean ball from Beston Amusement is made of thick and high-quality ∮80 mm 9g, non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly PE plastic material, different colors can be selected by our customers.

Steel Pipe

Steel pipe with high quality
We use 48mm diameter hot-dip galvanized pipe which conforming to GB/T244-97 international standard, with uniform coating, strong adhesion, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

Soft Packing

Soft packing for Indoor Playground
Our soft packing uses high-density foamed EVA sponge, the surface is made of shiny leather, scrubbed on the side, bright, strong and not easy to rot, and has good flame retardancy.

3 Steps for Customize a Commercial Theme Indoor Playground Equipment

Step1.Confirm the Venue Situation

A. If the customer’s site has been prepared, and the customer can provide the length, width and height dimensions of the site, the CAD drawings of the site, and the budget range, and then we will design according to the actual situation of the customer’s site.

B. If the customer’s site is not ready, the customer can provide the estimated site area and budget range, and we will provide the customer with some similar site cases for reference.

Confirm the Venue Situation of Customer

Step2. Confirm Customer’s Needs

A. First choice is to confirm the color and theme preferences of the naughty castle customers, and communicate the details of the venue, including obstacles, exit locations, etc.

B. Intention money for design fee, 100-200 square meters charge 100 dollars, 200-500 charges 200 dollars, 500-1000 square meters charge 300 dollars, 1000 square meters charge 500 dollars. Please note that the design fee will be returned to the customer after the order is completed or can be directly deducted from the order amount.

Confirm Customer’s Needs About Playground

Step3. Scheme Design Confirmation

A. Start the design, confirm the site zoning plan, complete the site planning publication plan, send it to the customer for confirmation, and then modify the plan according to the customer’s requirements. During the design revision, the customer’s satisfaction is achieved.

B. The design is completed and confirmed, and the price calculation is carried out. If you are dissatisfied with the customer’s budget, you will further optimize the naughty castle project until it meets the customer’s needs, and then provide the customer with the final version of the naughty castle project quotation and plan, and confirm with the customer Order, start production link.

Scheme Design Confirmation - Final Design

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

Currently, commercial indoor playground equipment occupies a large market share due to its popularity. For investors in parks and shopping centers, the project is worth investing in. As a professional naughty castle equipment supplier, we provide customers with a variety of high-quality naughty castle equipment. The price of different combinations of naughty castle equipment will also vary. Generally speaking, the price of a comprehensive naughty castle is between US$125 and US$400. The unit price of different combinations of equipment will also be different. You are welcome to contact us at any time to get a more accurate quotation.

Want to build a new indoor playground? Need indoor project solution? Welcome to contact Beston!

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers – Beston Amusement

As one of the most leading commercial indoor playground equipment manufacturers, we have owned rich experience in exporting our commercial indoor playground equipment to more than 80 countries during the past several years. With the constant efforts of Beston, our designers are devoted to exploring the potential commercial indoor playground equipment for sale. They focus on observing the preference of kids and designed the interesting game for them. The factory is located in the Xingyang city, Henan, China, which covers more than 10,000 square meters.

Beston Playground, we have introduced the advanced technology and strict quality control and inspection system. We can ensure that every procedure is perfect from the internal management , production line, marketing to service. Which types of business will you start? Indoor shoppingcenter? Supermarket? Beston commercial grade indoor playground equipment will be your best choice. Choosing Beston will be your best choice. Do not hesitate the profitable project and send your demands for consultation right now!

FAQ for Beston Playground

Yes, we have CE certificates for the indoor playground equipment we provide, and we have corresponding test reports and flame retardant reports for each raw material (packaging tube, ocean ball, glass fiber) of the naughty castle. Our raw materials are all environmentally friendly, flame retardant, and food grade. It is very safe and harmless to children.
We have ocean theme, forest theme, candy theme, snow theme, pirate ship theme, jungle theme, space theme and many other themes. We accept customize order according to the requirement of our customer.
We will reasonably arrange the production delivery time according to the size of the commercial indoor playground equipment structures. Generally speaking, it will take about 20-30 working days to manufacture a 300-500 square meters indoor playground equipment.
After the indoor playground equipment is completed, we will provide you with a full set of structural drawings and other installation materials. At the same time, our engineers will also provide you with installation guidance online. If you need our engineers to go to the local area to guide the installation, we can also do it, but you need to bear the air ticket and other expenses. At that time, our after-sales department will sign an installation agreement with you. (Engineers can be sent for large plans, and online guidance can be provided for small plans).
This is calculated based on multiple factors such as the location of the venue, passenger flow, and ticket prices. We can calculate the specific time for you based on the data you provide. At present, according to our experience, if the location is good and the business is good, it will usually pay back in 5-8 months (need to consider the area of the park and the size of the investment). If you want the park to maintain its long-term attractiveness, it is recommended to update the equipment in about 3 years, such as adding some novel items or replacing some old soft bag decorations.


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