Difference Between Indoor Playground Equipment and Inflatable Castle

Difference Between Indoor Playground Equipment and Inflatable Castle
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When we want to start the business for kids, we usually consider indoor playground equipment and inflatable castle. About these two kiddie rides, many first-time investors are not familiar with them. They do not know the difference between indoor playground equipment and inflatable castle. Here is a simple comparison and introduction about these two items.

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  • Materials They Used

Main materials of indoor playground equipment are plastics, multi-layer MDF, PVC soft bag and international galvanized steel pipe. While, inflatable castles are made of PVC mesh cloth. As it shows that, inflatable castle is a large scale amusement equipment which is inflated and made of PVC mesh cloth. It is shaped by the tension of the centrifugal fan. The air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the film. Inflatable castle is lighter than indoor playground equipment.

  • Main Project Difference

Inflatable castle contains a relatively simple range of recreational activities which mainly include the inflatable trampolines and inflatable climbing pavilions. On the other side, the kid indoor playground equipment contains a variety of recreational activities which including slides, sand balls, pools, marine balls, electric software play equipment, trampolines, climbing frames, cages, drill holes, rainbow nets and other hundreds of amusement items which is attractive to kids. Generally speaking, kids indoor playground equipment is more interesting and playable for kids.

  • Site Difference

Inflatable castle is installed outdoors. Such as squares, park and etc. With this reason, inflatable castle will affected by the climatic factors and can only be operated seasonally. When it is rainy, you cannot use this. Kids indoor playground equipment mainly installed indoor. Such as shopping malls, supermarkets and etc. So its operation will not be affected by the weather and season and they can be operated all the time.

  • Capital Investment

Inflatable castle is made of PVC mesh cloth, there is no need to build the frame and decorate the room. So the cost is low. But the internal structure of kids indoor playground equipment is complicate. Inner amusement items are much more than the inflatable castle. So the cost of construction is relatively high.

  • Safety of the Equipment

The frame of kids indoor playground equipment is firmly connected to the ground, and there is no overall collapse. The bracket part of indoor playground equipment is an international galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 48MM. It has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to bend and deform. It is firmly linked to the ground and there is almost no event of collapse. Inflatable castle is an inflatable equipment. Once it encounters windy weather, its risk factor can be said to be a straight line. In many places, there have been major safety accidents in which a bouncy castle was blown by a wind or an inflatable trampoline burst, causing children to fall or even fall.

The frame of kids indoor playground equipment and all the other amusement rides are produced and installed in strict accordance with child safety standards. That is to say, the amusement equipment itself is very safe. As long as the operators frequently check and promptly eliminate the problem of various amusement equipment failures, the children can also operate in strict accordance with the operating rules of the amusement equipment, and basically no safety accidents will occur.

Based on the above, it is not difficult to see for us that the investment in the early stage of the inflatable castle is small and the investment risk is low. However, the economic benefits are relatively poor, and the risk of a safety accident is relatively high.

Kids indoor playground equipment has a relatively high investment risk despite the large investment in the previous period, but the economic benefits are relatively good. Indoor playground equipment has a large investment in the early stage, and the investment risk is high. However, sufficient passenger flow, convenient transportation, comfortable and safe play environment and rich amusement experience make the inflatable castle more popular with children and parents.

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