Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale Canada

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale Canada
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Indoor playground has been one of the most popular business in different cities in Canada, such as Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa, etc. So start business with indoor playground equipment will be a high ROI project In Canada! Looking for new indoor playground equipment manufacturer in Canada? Welcome to contact Beston Playground – professional sofy playground equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We have different types of new indoor playground equipment for sale for Canada market. We also offer custom service. Contact us now and we will reply you suitable solution soon.

Soft play area equipment for sale manufacturer canada

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Indoor playground manufacturer Canada

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Indoor Playground Equipment Design for Canada

Beston Amusement is aiming at designing and producing different themes and structures of indoor playground equipment to different countries in the world. We accept customized order on different types of indoor playground project. If you want to start business with indoor playground in Canada, welcome to contact Beston Amusement team for details right now:

Forest Themes

Forest theme indoor playground design for Canada

Large indoor soft playground equipment design for Canada

Ocean Theme

Ocean style indoor playground equipment for Canada

Ocean themes indoor playground equipment Canada

Castle Theme

Castle themes indoor playground manufacturer Canada

Castle theme indoor soft playground equipment for Canada

Space Theme

Space themes indoor playground equipment for Canada

Space themed indoor playground equipment for Canada

Macaron Theme

Macaron themed indoor soft playground equipment Canada

Macaron themes indoor playground equipment for Canada

Other Themes

Other indoor playground equipment design for Canada

Large indoor playground equipment design for Canada

Planning to build a new indoor playground in Canada?

Recent Project In Different Country

As a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, Beston Amusement has many related project in different countries, such as Panama, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Qatar, Malaysia, etc. Here is a part of them:

Forest theme indoor jungle gym in Panama

Indoor Playground Equipment In Panama

Project Theme: Forest Theme
Size: 815㎡
Time: 2022.07

Ocean theme indoor play equipment for Saudi Arabia

Large Indoor Playground In Saudi Arabia

Project Theme: Ocean Theme
Size: 1320㎡
Time: 2022.05

Space theme indoor playground equipment in Vietnam

Indoor Playground Business in Vietnam

Project Theme:  Space Theme
Size: 1024㎡
Time: 2022.12

One-stop Project Solution – Successful Case from Beston

Being a professional indoor soft playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, Beston offer one-stop indoor playground solution for customers from Canada, including site measurement, plan and design, production, delivery, installation, operation tips, maintenance service, etc. Want to get more about our solution, here is a video to get more:

Application of Indoor Playground In Canada

As one of the most popular investment businesses at present, indoor naughty castles are basically not limited by the size and shape of the investment site, and are basically suitable for many occasions. It is popular invested in the shopping mall, shop lot, fun family centers, airport, outdoor park and many other places. Compared with outdoor playgrounds, the investment cost of indoor naughty castle parks is more reasonable, and the investment venues are flexible. It is a high ROI investment for investors in Canada.

Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
Business Center
Business Center
International airport
International airport

Product Details of Beston Indoor Soft Play Equipment

For the indoor playground equipment project, we can provide customers with a variety of amusement projects, including slides, trampolines, ocean ball pools, air gliding, single-plank bridges, chain bridges, driving cabins, rotating slides, slide tubes, rainbow ladders, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, coconut trees, water bed, carousel, time shuttle, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, miniature animal carousel, etc. There are hundreds of amusement projects. The following are the 4 common amusement projects.

Slide Area

Slide area for indoor playground Canada

Trampoline Area

Trampoline area for indoor playground Canada

Ocean Ball Pool

Ocean ball pool for indoor playground equipment Canada

Climbing Area

Climbing area for indoor playground Canada

Main Materials of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

As a favorite playground for young children, the materials of the indoor naughty castle are crucial, especially whether the quality and installation are acceptable. When it comes to material selection, Beston insists on choosing the safest and environmentally friendly materials to ensure the safety of the equipment.


Slides for indoor playground equipment
Our slides are made of imported LLDPE rotational molding special materials and processed by rotational molding. They comply with the requirements of GB/T 4454-1996. They are environmentally friendly materials and have high safety. The plastic wall thickness is more than 6mm.

Steel Pipe

Steel pipe with high quality
It adopts 48mm diameter hot-dip galvanized pipe that complies with the GB/T244-97 international standard. It has uniform coating, strong adhesion, strong corrosion resistance, and a relatively long service life.

Ocean Ball

Ocean ball for kids indoor playground
Beston Amusement’s ocean balls and other toys are made of thick, high-quality ∮80mm 9g, non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly PE plastic material. There are many different colors for customers to choose from.

Protective Net

Protective net with high quality
The protective net is made of high-strength nylon rope machines and high-strength nylon ropes. It has the advantages of high strength and good safety performance, and complies with the GB/T3091-2001 standard.


Connecting parts for indoor playground equipment
The connectors of the naughty castle are made of ductile iron, which can effectively improve the plasticity and toughness and create connectors with higher strength than carbon steel.

Soft Packaging

Soft packing for Indoor Playground
Our soft bag part is made of high-density foamed EVA sponge, with glossy leather on the surface and frosted sides. It is bright, strong, non-perishable, and has good flame retardancy.

3 Reasons to Start Indoor Playground Business In Canada

There are many reasons for an investor to start an indoor playground business in Canada. Except the lower start-up costs, year-round opening and high demand for the market, you can also find lots of benefits in starting business on indoor playground in the local place.

High Demand

There is a growing demand for indoor playgrounds in Canada, particularly in urban areas, where parents are looking for safe and fun places to take their children to play.

Year-round Business

Indoor playgrounds offer a year-round business opportunity, unlike outdoor playgrounds that may be limited to the warmer months.

Low Start-up Costs

Compared to other types of businesses, such as an outdoor amusement park, starting an indoor playground can require relatively low start-up costs.

Build Indoor Playground In Canada

What is the Price for Investing In an Indoor Playground?

The investment cost of the overall indoor park is affected by many factors, including the size of the site, the size of the equipment, the materials used for the equipment, the height of the floor, the transportation distance, the transportation method, etc. Regarding the detailed investment cost of the project, you are welcome to send the project site information, such as site area, CAD drawings, etc. We will design according to your needs and site conditions, and calculate the final price. Welcome to send your inquiry to or WhatsApp us: +86 18669983291 (Beston Rides), we will offer professional solution soon.

Professional Indoor Playground Solution Provider – Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement is a professional indoor soft playground equipment manufacturer and supplier. We offer different types of indoor playground solution for Canada customer with different themes and sizes. Beston Amusement has a professional design team that can undertake different kinds of indoor naughty castle projects and customize popular indoor playgrounds for customers.

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