Playland Equipment for Sale

Playland Equipment for Sale

Playland equipment refers to the various structures and items designed for children to play on and with in outdoor or indoor recreational areas, such as parks, playgrounds, or amusement parks. These equipment pieces are typically built with safety in mind and are designed to provide children with opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative play. Playland equipment for sale which newly designed by Beston Rides are hot sale these days. Size and color of these indoor playland equipment can be customized according to your requirement and budget. Want to build a new indoor playground? Get price list now from Beston Rides now!

Large Indoor Playland Equipment for Sale

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Different Series of Playland Equipment You Can Buy

“Playland equipment” is a customized children’s amusement center. At Beston Rides, you can customize indoor playland equipment with various themes, including ocean-themed, ice and snow-themed, forest-themed, space-themed, candy-themed, and more. Below are some sample designs:

Forest Playland Equipment

Forest theme playland equipment
Forest theme playland equipment for sale is popular among small and larger kids. Its theme positioning is the children growing up in the city and they have little chance to get in touch with the natural pure oxygen environment of the forest. They can’t feel the impact and vitality that brought by the large area of green forest. The forest theme indoor play-land equipment provides such an opportunity to blend all the visible in the forest. Animals, plants, and fresh characters in animation make children more safe and healthy in the forest environment.

Ocean Playland Equipment

Ocean themed playland equipment
Theme positioning of ocean theme playland equipment is that ocean symbolizes a kind of mind. It is a world that is unknown for us and waiting for us to explore. Kids have fewer opportunities to access the ocean and are relatively more dangerous. Cage design gives the spirit of ocean and sea to the playland indoor playground equipment, imitating the marine ecological environment from color, equipment and function, deep blue, sea-white ground and wall, pirate ship, white whale, deep sea fish, submarine and other elements to create a mysterious ocean world.

Snow Playland Equipment

Snow themed playland equipment for kids
Theme positioning of snow themed playland equipment is that the ice and snow theme has been deeply loved by children because of its vivid and vivid simulation environment. Based on the traditional theme, Cage has joined the creative “crooked house”, “snowman”, “wooden fence”, “euro” and other elements, making the whole project like a snow castle standing in the Antarctic glacier, with a strong sense of immersion. The local climate of the customer is more likely to attract the attention and interest of parents and children.

Parameters of Beston Playland Equipment for Sale

Size 30-200 kids or customized
Age Group 2-12 years
Painting Electrostatic baking painting
Materials A. Plastic parts: LLDPE engineering plastics

B. Tube: Diameter 48mm and thickness:1.8-2mm hot galvanized

C. Soft parts: Three-ply board wood inside,pearl wool middle outside with 0.45mm pvc thickness coating

D: Mat 100*100*2cm the material is EVA mat

Components Slide, Bridge, Tube Crawling, Punching Bags, Hanging Ball and etc.
Installation we supply engineer for install,or send installation manual
Features Exercise children’s drilling, climbing, jumping, running ability
Packing Film and black cotton
Certification ASTM, TUV, CE.

Materials Selection of Playland Equipment

Beston Playland Equipment offers a variety of materials to meet different design preferences, safety standards, and durability requirements. The specific materials used may vary depending on the type of playland equipment and the customization options chosen. Here are some common materials used in Beston Playland Equipment:


Beston often uses steel for the structural components of playland equipment. It provides strength and durability and can withstand heavy use. The steel is typically treated to resist corrosion through methods.


High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE): Beston frequently employs HDPE for components like slides, climbers, and panels. HDPE is known for its durability, resistance to fading, and low maintenance requirements.


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP): Fiberglass is used for certain playland equipment components, particularly slides. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and can be molded into various shapes and designs.


Beston use natural wood for some playland equipment designs. Natural wood provides a classic, rustic look and is often used for posts, roofs, and decorative elements. Treated lumber is used to ensure resistance to decay.


Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and used in situations where weight and corrosion resistance are essential. It’s commonly used in structures located near water or in coastal areas.

Coatings and Finishes

Beston applies appropriate coatings and finishes to enhance the aesthetics and durability of their playland equipment. These coatings can include colorful paint, powder coating, or UV-resistant finishes.

Successful Cases of Beston Playland Equipment to the World

Beston Playland Equipment has successfully delivered fun-filled, innovative, and safe play solutions to diverse corners of the world. With a commitment to quality and creativity, Beston’s installations have brought joy and excitement to countless children and families. From thrilling rides to imaginative play structures, our playland play equipment has enriched recreational spaces globally. Beston’s successful cases has spread to the world. Now, let’s check a part of them:

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Customization Process of Beston Playland Equipment

When you want to invest in a new indoor playland, you will want to know the customization process of these indoor playland equipment. For Beston Rides, it mainly including design consultation, conceptual design and planning, customization and fabrication, installation, testing, and client approval. Beston’s commitment to tailoring their playland equipment to the unique needs and desires of each client ensures that the final result is a safe, engaging, and customized play experience.

Design Consultation

Design Consultation
The customization process begins with a thorough design consultation with the client. During this phase, the client presents their specific needs, preferences, and objectives for the playland equipment. Beston’s design team works closely with the client to understand their vision, space constraints, budget considerations, and safety requirements. Ideas for themes, colors, and unique features are explored, allowing the client to envision the final product.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design and Planning
Based on the initial consultation, Beston’s design team creates a conceptual design and plan for the customized playland equipment.
This stage involves the development of detailed drawings, 3D renderings, and layout proposals that illustrate how the equipment will fit within the designated space.
The client reviews and provides feedback on the conceptual design, and adjustments are made as necessary to align with the client’s vision.


Customization and Fabrication
Once the conceptual design is approved by the customer, Beston Rides proceeds to the customization and fabrication phase.Materials, finishes, and color schemes are chosen according to the client’s preferences and the selected theme. Skilled craftsmen and advanced manufacturing techniques are employed to create the customized playland equipment, ensuring it meets safety standards and design specifications of the whole indoor project.

Why You Should Choose Beston Playground?

  • We design different themes of playland equipment for kids.
  • Size and color of Beston playland equipment can be customized according to your need.
  • We offer installation to your place.
  • We have rich sales manager to offer you a professional purchasing process.
  • We have small and large playland equipment which range from 50 to 1000 square meters.

Cost of Playland Equipment

The cost of playland equipment can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of equipment, its size and complexity, the materials used, customization options, safety features, and additional amenities. If you want to know the cost of playland equipment, welcome to contact Beston Rides for details!

Playland Equipment Manufacturer – Beston Rides

Beston Rides, as a leading playland equipment manufacturer, excels in crafting joyful and safe recreational experiences for children worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Beston specializes in designing and producing a diverse range of playland equipment, from thrilling amusement rides to imaginative playground structures.

With a global presence and a reputation for excellence, Beston Rides continues to be a trusted partner for those seeking to create vibrant and engaging play spaces for children of all ages.

3 Special Service Teams from Beston Rides

Designer Team

Beston’s Design and Customization Team focuses on creating unique and tailored amusement ride solutions. They collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific needs and vision.
This team specializes in designing custom themes, color schemes, and features to match the client’s requirements, whether it’s for a theme park, carnival, or other entertainment venue.
Their expertise ensures that each amusement ride is not only safe and reliable but also visually captivating and aligned with the client’s brand or theme.

Installation Team

Beston’s Installation and Maintenance Team is dedicated to ensuring that amusement rides are properly installed and maintained for safe operation.
They handle the assembly and installation of rides, following stringent safety protocols and guidelines. This team ensures that the rides are ready for use by the public.
Additionally, they offer ongoing maintenance services, including routine inspections, repairs, and parts replacement, to keep the rides in optimal condition.

Customer Support Team

Beston’s Customer Support and Training Team provides comprehensive support services to clients.
They serve as a primary point of contact for inquiries, technical assistance, and issue resolution. Clients can rely on this team to address questions and concerns promptly.
The team also offers training programs for ride operators and staff to ensure safe and efficient ride operation. They help clients understand the maintenance requirements and safety protocols associated with each ride.


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