Indoor Play Equipment for Sale In Egypt

Indoor Play Equipment for Sale In Egypt
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Indoor playground equipment is one of most important part in the indoor playground. With the development of the Egyptian amusement industry, indoor amusement parks are becoming more and more popular with parents and children, so investing in indoor amusement parks is a project with a high return on investment for investors. On the one hand, indoor naughty castles are better than outdoor machinery. For the park, the investment cost is very low. On the other hand, his payback time is extremely fast. Planning to invest in an indoor playground in Egypt? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for a complete solution!

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Different Themes pf Soft Play Equipment for Egypt

As a professional indoor playground designer and indoor playground equipment producer, we offer different types of mid-high end indoor playground solutions for our customers in Egypt. We also accept customized order about the soft playground equipment on size, color, themes, logo, etc. Here are some indoor playground equipment themes frequently asked by Egyptian customers:

Ocean Theme

Ocean style indoor playground design for Egypt

Kids indoor playground equipment with ocean theme in Egypt

Forest Theme

Forest themes indoor play equipment in Egypt

Forest themes indoor playground equipment in Egypt

Macaron Theme

Macaron themes indoor play equipment in Egypt

Macaron indoor soft play equipment in Egypt

Space Theme

Space themed indoor play area in Egypt

Kiddie space themes indoor playground equipment in Egypt

Castle Theme

Castle theme indoor playground equipment in Egypt

Castle themed indoor play equipment in Egypt

More Themes

Build indoor playground area in Egypt

Kiddie indoor soft playground in Egypt

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Where Can Indoor Playground be installed?

Indoor Soft Play Equipment Can Be Used In the Shopping Mall In Egypt
Shopping Mall
Indoor Play Equipment In the Children's Paradise In Egypt
Children’s Paradise
Indoor Soft Play Equipment In Business Center In Egypt
Business Center
Indoor Play Equipment Can be Used In the Large Communities In Egypt
Large Communities
Indoor Playground Equipment In the International Airport In Egypt
International Airport
Indoor Soft Play Area In Kindergartens In Egypt

Installation Cases to Egypt and Other Countries

Till now, we had built more than 300 indoor playgrounds and 1000 outdoor parks in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. Our indoor playground equipment and service has won a lot of praises from our regular customer. Many customers continue to cooperate with us, and they also choose us when updating equipment and building new projects. Here are some successful projects:

Details About Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

Since indoor soft playground equipment are usually suitable for children, we strictly control the selection of materials. The following are the material displays of the three common areas for the indoor playground equipment:

Building Blocks Area

Building Blocks Area for Indoor Playground In Egypt
We use safe and environmentally friendly EPP material for these building block equipment, suitable for young children.
1. Cultivate observation and imagination
2. Exercise hand-eye coordination
3. Develop interpersonal skills

Trampoline Area

Trampoline area for indoor playground In Egypt
It adopts environmentally friendly materials, has a high safety factor, and has diverse ways of playing, suitable for a wide range of ages.
Steel structure + high elastic spring + imported Oxford cloth
Using square steel, can bear 100KG adult

Soft Play Area

Soft playground area in Egypt
1. FRP slide:
High-quality fiberglass extended slide.
2. Smashing the wall interaction:
Simple and interesting.
3. Volcanic Rock Climbing:
Unique shape, kids can drill, climb, climb, slide.

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Materials Selections for the Egypt Indoor Playground Equipment

The selection of all materials has been strictly screened, and the specifications of raw materials are standardized. The materials are safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic for children.


Steel for the indoor playground
The steel used in the indoor playground equipment is made of national standard galvanized steel pipe Φ48mm/1.5 mm.


slide materials for indoor playground
The slide is made of LLDPE rotational molding, the plastic wall thickness is more than 6 mm, colorful, anti-ultraviolet.

Protective Net

Protective net used in the indoor playground
The protective net is woven with high-strength nylon rope, which has high strength and good safety performance.

Ocean Ball

Ocean ball for indoor soft play equipment
The ocean ball is made of environmentally friendly PE plastic material, thick and high-quality ∮80 mm/9g.

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

The prices of commercial indoor playground equipment can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the equipment, the complexity of its design, and the materials used in its construction. Generally, larger and more elaborate equipment will be more expensive than smaller, simpler designs. Please contact us for actual quotation!

Traditional unpowered indoor playground equipment 60-100 dollars/square
Electric games combine with indoor playground equipment 80-130 dollars/square
Interactive indoor playground equipment 100-160 dollars / square
Comprehensive indoor playground equipment: 125-400 dollars / square

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How Long is the ROI Cycle?

The length of time to pay back needs to be calculated based on multiple factors such as venue location, passenger flow, and ticket price. You can provide specific information, and we can calculate the specific payback period for you based on the data you provide. According to our company’s experience, if your naughty castle park has a good location and a good business, you can usually recover the cost within 5-8 months (need to consider the area of the park and the scale of investment). And if you want to keep the park attractive for a long time, we generally recommend that you update the indoor equipment every three years or so, such as adding some novelty slides, trampoline areas or replacing some old soft package decorations.

Park Operating Budget Analysis Form
Project Name1276㎡ Ocean Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia
This is a new indoor project with 1276 square meters that is installed in Saudi Arabia. The total style of this indoor playground is ocean theme.
Charging ModelSingle chargeExpected Operating Life3
Project Overview
*Basic data needs to be filled in according to site conditions and design plan
Site OverviewSite Area
Venue rental
Effective operation throughout the year (days)Average daily operating hours
average fare
Facility OverviewFacility capacity
Maximum capacity
Average play time
total power consumption
electricity bill
Passenger flow analysisweekday traffic
weekends day traffic
Average daily passenger flow
number of employees
average salary
operating costTotal investment in equipment
payroll expenses
Electricity expenses
publicity expenses
Decoration cost
Total project revenue964285.71total
fixed cost
operating cost
Theoretical limit value
*For reference only, no calculation basis
Maximum passenger capacity during peak hours
3402.67Maximum single-day revenue (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246.03Average annual
net income
806952.38Expected return
time (month)
First year
net income

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Shipping, Installation and Service – Beston Team

Packing & Shipping

Packing and Shipping for indoor playground
1. Packing: Pack properly according to the material of the accessories.
Steel pipes: classified bundles + labels, fixed in the container.
Others such as floor mats, platforms, ocean balls, decorations, etc., in bubble film + bags.
2. Provide the customer with a delivery list (marking the name of the product, the quantity of the package, etc.), which is convenient for checking the goods at the port of destination.

Installation Methods

Installation Team for indoor playground
Method 1:
We send product installation structure diagram to clients.

Method 2:
Send engineers to the site to guide the installation

Method 3:
Foreign installation team – on-site installation.


Service Team for indoor playground
① Warranty period: one year.

② Professional after-sales service department, if there is any quality problem, feedback within 24 hours and provide solutions.

③ Provide professional installation and maintenance services online/offline.
Maintenance advice about different part of our equipment.

5 Reasons to Choose Beston Indoor Playground Equipment


Rich items to choose from, colorful color and style combinations, strong visual impact, and stimulate children’s interest in playing.


Material standardization, management standardization, creating a safe and environmentally friendly children’s playground.



It has various functions, integrating amusement, sports, fun, fully meeting the needs of children and attracting passenger flow.


Not restricted by the site, no matter it is indoor/outdoor, regular/irregular site, it can be installed, managed and maintained simply and conveniently.


Rich industry experience, professional design team, providing customized services according to customer needs, more than 1000 design cases.

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Beston Amusement is a leading indoor and outdoor amusement park solution provider! We offer whole project solutions for customers from Egypt and other countries in the world. With the creative designer team and professional installation team, Beston Amusement has helped customers established more than 1000 indoor and outdoor parks. Our success stories are all over the world. Welcome to contact us to start your business now!


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