Materials of Kids Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Materials of Indoor Playground Equipment Parts

Kids indoor playground equipment is a comprehensive children’s activity center that integrates fitness, puzzle, entertainment and fun. The main projects of these kids indoor playground mainly include slides, marine ball pools, sand pools, drill holes, rainbow ladders, and trampolines. For indoor soft play operators, know much more about the materials that used in these projects […]

Beston Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Overall Structure of Indoor Playground Equipment

Most of indoor playground equipment are made of different parts in the indoor playground business industry. Here is the overall structure of Beston Indoor playground equipment. When you need to build a new indoor playground for kids, you can decide by seeing these parts and then to decide how to match the new indoor playground. […]

Cost of Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

3 Factors That Influence The Price of Indoor Playground Equipment

Do you know what are the factors that should be considered in the revenue of large indoor playground equipment? Here are 3 factors that influence the price. Passengers capacity of indoor playground equipment is the first factor that we should consider. Generally speaking, large indoor playground equipment’s passenger capacity is large, such as large roller […]

Candy Theme Indoor Playground Equipment You Can Buy

Indoor Playground Equipment Should Be Next to These Stores

We all know that the children’s indoor playground equipment should be chosen in a large traffic area, such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, communities, leisure resorts, school and so on. These places have laid the customer base for the operation of kids indoor playground equipment from the very beginning. Of course, in addition to the […]

Kiddie Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

When you want to know indoor playground equipment prices, you need also know that different types of indoor playground equipment will be at different prices. Here Beston amusement will give some tips on buying new indoor playground equipment. Here, Beston will introduce some basic information of commercial indoor playground equipment and what are the main […]

Large Indoor Playground Equipment

Difference Between Indoor Playground Equipment and Inflatable Castle

When we want to start the business for kids, we usually consider indoor playground equipment and inflatable castle. About these two kiddie rides, many first-time investors are not familiar with them. They do not know the difference between indoor playground equipment and inflatable castle. Here is a simple comparison and introduction about these two items. […]