Indoor Soft Play Area Equipment In Indonesia

Indoor Soft Play Area Equipment In Indonesia
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Nowadays, indoor playground have become an indispensable project in the shopping malls and commercial centers in Indonesia. On the one hand, it is because the indoor soft play area equipment pays back quickly. On the other hand, it is because, compared with the outdoor amusement parks, the playground equipment has a smaller investment and a higher rate of return. As a professional indoor soft playground equipment manufacturer, we provide one-stop service of indoor playground project design, indoor naughty castle equipment procurement and installation for Indonesia customer. Planning to build a new indoor playground in Indonesia? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

Build an Indoor Playground In Indonesia

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Different Themes of Indoor Playground Equipment from Beston

Anlike the outdoor amusement equipment, indoor playground equipment has many different themes and styles. They can be customized according to the customer’s requirement. From Beston Amusement, you can get different sizes and floors indoor soft play equipment.

Macaron Theme

Macaron theme indoor playground equipment for sale in Indonesia

Macaron theme indoor playground equipment for Indonesia

Jungle Theme

Jungle themed indoor play area equipment for Indonesia

Jungle theme indoor soft playground equipment for Indonesia

Ocean Theme

ocean themes indoor play equipment for indonesia

Ocean thems indoor soft play equipment for kids

Space Theme

space themed indoor playground equipment manufacturer in Indonesia

Space themes indoor soft play equipment for Indonesia

Castle Theme

Indoor playground equipment for Indonesia with castle themed

Castle themes indoor playground equipment for Indonesia

Other Themes

Indoor playground equipment for Indonesia

Other themes of indoor playground equipment for kids

Planning to build a new indoor playground in Indonesia?

Benchmark Cases In the World

As a professional indoor soft playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, Beston Playground has many successful cases in different countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, etc. Our indoor project has been spread in 120 cities in more than 80 countries around the world.

Large Indoor Playground Solution In Saudi Arabia

Good news, after about a month, the Saudi Arabia client’s 1320 square meter indoor playground project was basically installed, and ...
Packing of indoor playground equipment

Macaron Indoor Playground Installed at Kuwait

A few days ago, we received feedback from customers in Kuwait about the installation of an indoor playground. The customer ...
Indoor Playground Equipment Installation In Qatar

Indoor Playground Equipment On-site Installation In Qatar

Latest news, our installation engineers have arrived in Qatar to install the 2 sets of indoor playground equipment. Till now, ...

Why Invest In Indoor Playground In Indonesia?

As a new type of children’s playground project, indoor naughty castle park has become more and more popular among investors, and its return on investment is very high among many investment projects. There are many advantages of investing in indoor naughty castles, mainly in the low investment cost, and the investment and operation are not affected by the weather.


The children’s naughty castle project has low operating costs and simple maintenance, which is why investors are fancy. Investors can decide to invest according to their own venue and capital situation, which makes many investors tempted, because the threshold is not high and the amount of capital is affordable.


Indonesia has a tropical climate, and the outdoor temperature is often high. When it is not suitable to go out to the outdoor park, the indoor park becomes the best choice. Indoor parks are not affected by high temperature and rainy factors, and operate for a long time throughout the year, which can bring more benefits to investors.

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Whole Indoor Playground Solution for Indonesia Market

Beston playground aims at providing whole project solution for investors from all over the world. The all-round service process can provide customers with more comprehensive park management guidance, saving trouble, effort and money to customers. To corporate with Beston Playground, there are 3 main process:

1 Indoor Playground Design

Indoor Playground Design

2 Equipment Production

Indoor Playground Equipment Production

3 On-site Installation

On-site Installation

Why Choose Beston?

Beston Amusement is a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, we have a scientific research and production base, and a professional elite team with exquisite skills and rich experience. We constantly improve the company’s after-sales service system, and realize the design, production, sales, installation and after-sales service system. We are committed to build a popular indoor playground for kids. Contact Beston Amusement to get a solution now!


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