Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment is a popular themed indoor playground equipment. It is similar with the forest theme indoor playground equipment. The size of indoor jungle gym equipment can be customized according to your requirement. If you want to build a new indoor jungle gym themed equipment for your place, welcome to contact Beston team.

Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment
BFT-06 Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

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Beston Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment
BFT-02 Beston Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

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Indoor jungle gym equipment, taking the forest world as the theme, the area is large. The entire indoor playground equipment usually has two or three floors. Due to the large area, the indoor playground equipment is divided into two parts, the naughty castle and Beibei area and inflatable bounce area, Beibei software and inflatable bounce area can provide enough play experience for younger children. For a 324-square-meter playground, the types of internal amusement facilities are also carefully matched and placed according to the theme.

The subject equipment is rich, including software puzzle blocks, rainbow arch bridge, three slides, themed rocking horse, bobo ball, colorful ball pool, rotating air model, etc. The equipment of this naughty castle is very suitable for children to play. The internal facilities can fully meet their needs and can fully stimulate their potential. The educational amusement equipment also has a great effect on the physical and mental development.

The overall color of indoor jungle gym equipment is mainly green, which fully reflects the color of nature, which can make the children’s door closer to nature. The cartoon designer in the background is also a rigorous choice, which can make the children better understand and get close to the animals. Especially in the lower left corner. Inflatable bounce is also very suitable for children to play, this picture includes almost all the basic equipment of the indoor playground equipment.

Kids Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment
BFT-03 Kids Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

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Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment for Sale
BFT-05 Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

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Customization Process of Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

  • The customer provides the size map of the site (hand-drawn drawing is available, preferably a CAD drawing), as much as possible to provide detailed dimensions (length, width, height, whether there are pillars in the middle of the venue, if any, have the size of the pillar, and the pillar to the side The distance from each other, as well as the location from which to enter and exit the children’s playground. And so on, these data have to be marked on the floor plan). Then we design according to the customer’s site and requirements, and each design is different. The price is based on the amusement equipment included in the designed plan. Therefore, the specific price can only be calculated after the design is completed, and we can also design according to the funds you have invested.
  • After the design plan is satisfied, we will provide a quotation plan, and after the two parties reach an agreement, the contract will be signed.
  • After the production of the equipment is completed (15-20 days), the customer will pay all the money, and we will ship the goods by logistics, and the freight will be calculated based on the actual quantity.
  • After the goods arrive, we will have a professional installation master to the site to install and use instructions and related maintenance knowledge.
  • It should be noted that the quality of Naughty Castle is divided into low, medium and high-end, and you get what you pay for. I hope that every customer will not just pay attention to the price, and choose the naughty castle that suits you according to their actual situation.

With eyes full of green and dense forest atmosphere, the indoor jungle gym equipment will presents you with lush forest scenery. With green decorative edges, forest thatched hut design, hip-hop monkey head cover, carrot and pumpkin-shaped swivel chair, Beston designs what you want according to your needs, making the impossible possible!

The whole theme of the children’s playground is designed in the style of a jungle tribe, adding children’s favorite animal shapes, and incorporating playable elements such as jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, and shaking in the naughty castle, allowing children to experience the jungle wonderful feeling. The jungle tribe mainly uses the green of the forest as the main color, combined with the realistic and lovely forest animal and plant modeling, playability and visual enjoyment have been one of the popular themes in recent years.

Do you want to build a new indoor playground? Do you love this indoor jungle gym equipment? Then contact Beston Amusement Equipment for details now!


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