Indoor Playground Equipment On-site Installation to Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground Equipment On-site Installation to Qatar and Saudi Arabia
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Good news! The production of indoor playground equipment for Qatar and Saudi Arabia customer has been completed! And Engineer Ren from Beston Amusement will set off to Qatar and Saudi Arabia to finish the installation process. First, Engineer Ren will set off to Qatar to finish the installation process of two indoor playground equipment, this will take about 10 days. After that, he will set off to Saudi Arabia to finish the 1276 m² indoor project for the customer. Want to know more about the indoor playground equipment? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

On-site Installation of Beston Engineers
On-site Installation Schedule of Beston Engineers

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Details of The Two Indoor Project

Schedule The First Stop The Second Stop
Location Qatar Saudi Arabia
Project 287m² Morandi Theme Indoor Playground

276m² Space Theme Indoor Playground

1200m² Ocean Themed Indoor Playground
Time About 10 days About 30 days
Person in Charge Engineer Ren Engineer Ren

What We Provide for Customer

As a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer and designer, Beston Amusement mainly offer different themes (Ocean theme, Morandi theme, Space theme, Macaron theme, Forest theme, British theme, Candy theme, etc.) of indoor playground equipment to customers who want to start business on indoor playground. Size of the indoor playground equipment can be customized according to the customers’ site. In addition to providing indoor soft play equipment, we also have a professional design team to provide support for the design of the indoor playground project. We have the ability to provide customers with a full range of indoor park solutions to help customers create a more popular indoor park for kids and quickly withdraw funds.

1200 ㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment to Saudi Arabia
1200 ㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment to Saudi Arabia

Beston Playground In the World

Till now, Beston Amusement has build more than 6000 indoor and outdoor park project around the world. The project mainly distributed in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Malaysia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Russia, Panama, etc. Some of them are installed by Beston engineers, while others are installed by the customer’s local engineers, but if customers choose engineers in their local place, Beston Amusement will provide 24 hours online guidance, installation video and manuals. Planning to start business in the shopping mall? Don’t know how to start? Choose Beston! We will give you an all-round indoor playground project solution! Feel free to contact us now!

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