Indoor Playground Equipment for Malaysia      

Indoor Playground Equipment for Malaysia      
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With the popularity of indoor projects, indoor playground equipment for sale in Malaysia have become more and more attractive, and have become a high ROI project that worth investing in. It not only has soft play areas that suitable for children, but also has some suitable trampoline parks, devil slides and other projects that suitable for adults. Planning to invest in indoor soft playground equipment in Malaysia? Don’t know how to choose the game type that Malaysians like? Don’t know how to start? Welcome to contact Beston Playground to get the most detailed indoor playground solution!
Indoor Soft Playground Equipment for Malaysia

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Popular Types of Indoor Playground Equipment for Malaysia

As a professional indoor playground equipment designer and manufacturer, we can provide commercial indoor playground equipment with different themes and sizes for Malaysia customer. These indoor soft play equipment can be invested in many indoor and outdoor areas such as shopping malls, shopping centers, airports, and children’s playgrounds. Here are some of the themes that Malaysia customers often choose:

Latest Indoor Project In Malaysia and Other Countries

For Malaysia market, Beston always strives to produce the latest designs for the ever demanding indoor amusement equipment market. All of our indoor playground equipment are of high standards and high quality control that will apply on every profess during the manufacturing. Till now, we have built more than 1,000 indoor parks in more than 80 countries in the world. If you have any questions about the exported new indoor playground equipment from our company, send us your inquiry now.

Popular Programs for Malaysia Market

Indoor playground equipment is an indoor comprehensive park, which usually consists of trampoline area, slide area, climbing area, video game area, etc. Now, let’s take a look at some of the games that we can provide to customers in Malaysia.

Trampoline Area

Trampoline is a new form of exercise. The trampoline area can exist alone as an indoor project or as part of a comprehensive indoor park in the naughty castle park. The most important thing is that the trampoline equipment is suitable for children and adults.Trampoline areas for indoor playground in Malaysia

Slide Area

As an essential part of the naughty castle, our slides are made of high-quality fiberglass. We have a variety of slides for customers to choose from, including music slides, rainbow slides, spiral slides, and suitable for children at the same time. Devil slides for kids and adults, customized in color and size.

Rainbow slide for indoor playground equipment in Malaysia

Fiberglass slide for indoor play area for Malaysia

Spiral tube slide for indoor playground in Malaysia

Climbing Area

The climbing area is an area for exercising children. We also provide a lot of games in this area, including games such as rainbow trees, climbing walls, and climbing volcanoes.

Climbing rope net games for indoor playground equipment

Climbing programs for indoor project in Malaysia

Climbing games for Malaysia indoor playground

Electric Toys Area

The games in this area are basically driven by electricity, which is more suitable for children’s electric game equipment. Unlike the mechanical amusement equipment in the park, they are relatively simple, small, and have software protection measures to protect children’s safety. Common Popular video games generally include coconut trees, carousels, candy turntables, animal turntables, etc.

Electric coconut tree for indoor playground

Animals merry-go-round for indoor playground

Other Play Areas

We also have many other indoor playground games for customers to choose which including DIY manual game area, interactive game area, mechanical equipment supporting area, and other customizable game areas. If you have this demand, please contact with our sales manager, we will customize a brand new and attractive indoor playground according to your venue needs.

Interactive game area for indoor playground for malaysia

VR games area for indoor soft playground

DIY area for Malaysia indoor playground

Reasons for Investing In Indoor Playground In Malaysia

Climate Makes the Indoor Park More Popular

Due to Malaysia’s climate, high temperature and rainy weather, indoor amusement projects are more popular among people. Whether investing in a single small indoor playground equipment or a comprehensive indoor playground project, it will become a project that with high return on investment and quick results.

Longer Operation Time Than Outdoor Park

The outdoor park is relatively large in scale, while the indoor playground is small and easy to manage. Kids play area is within the sight of the parents, and parents can rest assured that their kids are playing in the park. Moreover, the indoor park is not restricted by the weather and environment, and operating time is longer.

Steps to Build a New Indoor Playground In Malaysia

If you want to invest in an indoor playground equipment, you need to do market research first, then prepare the floor plan of the site, and then find a professional indoor soft play equipment manufacturer – Beston Playground for cooperation, and we will provide you the design of indoor playground equipment, production, transportation, installation, after everything is done, you are ready to advertise the opening. In short, you can do as of these steps: Market Research – Prepare Floor Plan – Design – Producing – Shipping – Installation – Opening. The following is a detailed 3-step cooperation process with Beston Playground:

Design: 100% customized, new design usually take 2-7 days

A. To make sure indoor project design fit perfect with your site, please mark details on the floor plan (Clean height, Entrance, Column location and size, Place for washing room, coffee, party room, etc.)

B. We accept customize on color, theme, components, etc.

Beston Indoor Project Designer Team

Production: The leading time is about 15-30 days, depend on design and size.

We will do trial installation for the metal and plastic part before delivery, will provide real images and 3D installation diagram.Production of Beston indoor soft playground

Delivery and Installation.

Beston Playground will arrange a technician and installation engineer to do installation (we will know the rough cost once you send us the layout).

We will send engineers to do on-site installation

Why Choose Beston Playground Equipment

Established for more than 10 years, Beston Playground has been becoming a large and professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier. We are introducing the idea of manufacturing indoor and outdoor playground equipment to give kids more pleasure. Quality and safety are the key values of Beston’s corporate culture. We provide customers with services including but not limited to the following, naughty castle design, on-site installation, after-sales support and so on.

Professional Project Designer

We have a professional designer team that can provide customers with a full range of indoor playground equipment solutions according to customer’s special requirement and site situation.

Pre-factory Build Test

After the production of the equipment is completed, we will assemble the naughty castle frame in the factory in advance to ensure that the equipment sent to the customer is complete.

On-site Installation Service

In addition to providing customers with 3D installation drawings and installation videos, according to consultation with customers, we can also send installation engineers to provide on-site installation.

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