Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale In Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale In Saudi Arabia
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Indoor playground equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia is not restricted by venues and weather. It is composed of slides, trampolines, ocean ball pools, climbing walls and other games. While it provides children with a variety of ways to play, it also brings considerable profits to merchants. Many customers have reported that the cost can generally be recovered within a few months. Beston Amusement, as a professional indoor soft play equipment manufacturer, provides customers with customized solutions with different themes and sizes. We also provide indoor play structures production, design, delivery, installation and after-sales services. Planning to invest in indoor playground projects in Saudi Arabia? Don’t know how to get started? Welcome to contact Beston for online project solutions now!

Macaron Theme Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia
Macaron Theme Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia

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Pirate Ship Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Pirate Ship Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

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Custom Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia

As a leading manufacturer, we accept the customization on indoor play equipment with different types. You can provide relevant information of the venue, and we will customize it for you according to the specific situation.


Ocean theme, snow theme, space theme, etc.


1-4 layers


Accept customization from 100 square meters to unlimited venues.


The customization of the indoor playground equipment is not limited by the shape of the venue, whether the venue is round, square or polygonal, it can be customized.

Different Themes of Indoor Playground Equipment

As a professional indoor play equipment manufacturer, we provide customers from Saudi Arabia with different themes, including but not limited to the following themes. In addition to the following themes, we can also customize according to the shape and style of the customer’s venue. Reasonable color matching makes our indoor naughty castle equipment more popular with Saudi Arabia children.

Ocean Theme

Ocean Theme Indoor Soft Play Equipment

The overall color of the ocean-themed indoor play area equipment is blue, and it is matched with cute and vivid images of marine creatures which making children feel as if they are swimming in the underwater world, which is really interesting. The ocean-themed soft play equipment also brings surprises to the whole equipment. It can be equipped with various blue-themed electric games, including slides, animal turntables, and various more innovative and attractive electric toys that you need.

Ocean themed indoor soft play equipment

Snow Theme

Snow Theme Indoor Playground Equipment

The main color of snow themed indoor soft playground equipment is light blue, which perfectly presents the romance and tranquility of the snow world. On the basis of the traditional indoor playground equipment theme, creative elements such as “snow house”, “snowman”, “wood fence”, “elk” are added to make the whole project like an snow castle that is located in the Antarctic glacier. Combined with the local climate in Saudi Arabia, it is easier to attract parents and children to have a different summer experience.

Snow theme indoor playground equipment for sale for Saudi Arabia

Forest Theme

Forest Theme Indoor Soft Play Equipment

The forest-themed indoor soft play equipment is a world of green virgin jungle created by simulating the details of the material, color, shape, layout and other details of the children’s playground, allowing children to travel through the jungle and carry out adventure activities one by one. Children observed the beautiful patterns of animals in the forest, discussed the characteristics of animals with protective colors, and felt the wonder of nature!

Forest themes indoor soft play equipment for Saudi Arabia

Space Theme

Space Theme Indoor Play Structures

The space-themed soft play equipment is design on the basis of the space station. Its frame is mainly space capsules, and the interior is equipped with aircraft models, flying saucers, rocket launchers, ocean ball pools, large slides and other space element decorations. The rich space elements make the space themed indoor playground equipment full of mysterious distant atmosphere.

Space themed indoor play area for sale in Saudi Arabia

British Theme

British-themed Indoor Playground Equipment

The British-themed indoor soft play equipment is built with red and blue. It is inspired by the British map, national flag, London Bridge, British architecture,etc. It leads children into the wonderful castle paradise and experience the unique exotic style. With its characteristics of naturalness, elegance, subtlety and nobility, it shows the unique temperament and is the favorite of parents and children in Saudi Arabia.

Brithsh themes indoor ssoft play equipment for Saudi Arabia

Customized Themes

More Indoor Playground Equipment Themes

Except for the above indoor playground equipment themes, we also provide customer in Saudi Arabia with other different themes which including Macron theme, castle theme, Lego theme, etc. We also accept custom order about the indoor playground area with different colors and sizes. You can discuss with our design team and sales manager.

Custom Theme Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia

Planning to build a new indoor playground in Saudi Arabia?

The Case of Exporting to Saudi Arabia and Other Countries

Till now, Beston’s indoor playground projects have spread to more than 50 countries in the world, in addition to the Saudi Arabia, it also includes Qatar, Panama, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Here are some of our recent export cases.

1200㎡Indoor Playground Equipment to Saudi Arabia

Not too long ago, we received an inquiry from a customer in Saudi Arabia, who want to invest in a kids indoor playground for the shopping mall. They were interested in our indoor playground equipment design, so they sent us an inquiry. After understanding the customer’s needs, our sales manager contacted him. We communicated in details with each other, and finally we customized a indoor playground equipment according to the customer’s venue and the customer’s needs for the game. The following is the design for Saudi Arabia customer.

Candy Themed Indoor Playground Equipment to Malaysia

A Malaysian customer wants to build an indoor playground equipment in a shopping mall, so he sent us an inquiry on the website. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, we quickly got in touch with the customer to communicate the customer’s site situation, measure the site size and proovide design scheme for customer, from the video above, you can learn about the entire process of the indoor project in detail, from site measurement, design, production, delivery to equipment installation.

2 Sets of Indoor Playground Exported to Qatar

In July, We received an inquiry from a Qatar customer on the website, and we learned that the customer’s initial demand was to build a trampoline park. In the later communication with the customer, we learned that the customer would like to build a two-story indoor playground. The customer purchased a set of 276-square-meter space-themed indoor soft play equipment and a set of 287-square-meter macaron-themed indoor playground equipment. This month, we have arranged the engineers to go to Qatar for installation. It is expected that the customer’s indoor park will be installed in about 10 days.

Feedback Video for Saudi Arabia Customer

At present, we have many successful cases, and we have also received pictures and video feedback from customers. If you want to know more, please check the following video to learn about our success stories.

Introduction of 8 Main Structure for Saudi Arabia Customer

The following are 8 indoor playground equipment electric games that is popular among Saudi Arabia customers. If you want to know more about other games, please contact Beston for a quotation.

Rainbow Slide

1. Age group: 3-15 years old
2. Play instruction: The rainbow slide is made of fiberglass and it is safe and high enough for kids to play. With the colorful appearance, it is very popular among the kids, even adults.

Building Block

1. Age group:1-8 years old
2. Play introduction: The colorful EPP building block can improve visual ability, help kids to distinguish the relationship between different shapes and colors, stimulate their creativity.

Trampoline Area

1. Age group:3-15 years old
2. Play introduction: Trampoline area is an important part of the indoor playground for kids, it helps exercises the leg muscles and improves body coordination for kids.

Climbing Wall

1. Age group:6-15 years old
2. Play introduction: Trains children’s physical coordination ability of using hands and feet together and cultivates their spirit of not being afraid of difficulties.

Rainbow Tree

1. Age group: 1-6 years old
2. Play introduction: Colorful rainbow tree to to make more kids to play together. Climbing software of different difficulty, and with swing swing, rainbow ball, rainbow circle, to meet the needs of different children.

Smashing Wall 

1. Age group:2-8 years old
2. Play instruction: Children can smash the elements in the scene with their hands or ocean balls. If hit the target, they will get score rewards. After getting a certain score, they can enter the next level.

Basketball Game

1. Age group:3-15 years old
2. Play introduction: There is no need to go to the outdoor playground to enjoy the excitement of basketball game. Play in the indoor soft play equipment is enough for kids. It is also interesting.

Ocean Ball Pool

1. Age group:3-15 years old
2. Play introduction: Ocean ball pool can make kids to learn colors, points, grouping, counting, throwing, slapping, cleaning, discipline, habits, etc. They are very popular among kids.

Advantages of Investing In a New Indoor Playground In Saudi Arabia

There are many advantages of investing in indoor playground equipment in Saudi Arabia, including but not limited to the following 4 aspects, policy, climate, port and price advantages, believe in your choice, contact Beston immediately to get the best solution.


The local import tariff rate in Saudi Arabia is very low. The tax rate for importing indoor playground equipment and related amusement equipment from China is as low as 5%, which is very suitable for import. Therefore, a large part of our customers are from Saudi Arabia, and they say that import indoor playground equipment from China is more cost-effective.


The operation of indoor playground equipment is not affected by the weather. Saudi Arabia has a tropical desert climate. The hot summer weather is not suitable for kids to play in the outdoor, but it will not affect the operation time of the indoor kids playground equipment. In the hot summer days, an indoor playground trip is perfect for children in Saudi Arabia.


Import indoor play area equipment from China is convenient because of its transportation details, and there are three major ports in the local place. They are Dammam, Jeddah and Gizan in Saudi Arabia. With the advantage of transportation ports, you can save a lot of money on delivery indoor playground equipment to Saudi Arabia.


On one hand, the investment cost of indoor soft playground equipment is much lower than that of outdoor amusement equipment. On the other hand, China, as a big country of raw materials, can provide you more reasonable prices about the indoor soft play equipment, so that you can purchase much more satisfactory indoor soft play equipment at the best price.

How Much Does the Indoor Playground Equipment Cost?

What is the price of indoor soft play equipment? Usually it is a question that customers are most concerned about, but different types of indoor playground equipment for sale have different prices. At present, there are mainly four kinds of indoor playground equipment for sale in our factory. They are traditional un-powered indoor playground equipment, electric games combine with indoor playground equipment, interactive indoor playground equipment and comprehensive indoor playground equipment.

1. Traditional un-powered indoor playground equipment: Traditional un-powered indoor playground equipment with forest theme, British style, ocean theme, castle theme and technology theme mainly cost 60-100 dollars/square.

Traditional indoor playground equipment

traditional un-powered indoor playground equipment,

2. Electric games combine with indoor playground equipment: The naughty castle combined with the electric project, with different themes will cost about 80-130 dollars / square.

3. Interactive indoor playground equipment: Interactive naughty castle, which integrates games such as smashing walls, interactive trampolines, and interactive slides into different themes will cost 100-160 dollars / square.

interactive indoor soft play area
4. Comprehensive indoor playground equipment: The integration of electric, interactive games, trampoline, Morandi soft bag, rope net combination, multi-layer frame will cost about 125-400 dollars / square.

Large comprehensive indoor playground equipment

Unique Features of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

  • Reasonable layout: Reasonable layout: Reasonable layout planning and matching of games in different sports forms. Rich play facilities with free and comfortable space. Scientific play route design, you can experience all projects in one way.
  • Strong participation: Skin-friendly material, gentle and comfortable; thickened sponge. A variety of projects, fun and exciting with sufficient space to strengthen interaction.
  • Safety material: Galvanized steel pipe, hard to rust with long life-span; Super strong PVC material, safe, reliable and high strength. Strictly follow national standards, all materials are harmless to the human body and no pollution to the environment.
  • Accept customization: Theme style, games, lighting, color, fence style can be customized.
  • Economy and profitable: Small investment, high yield, currently a blue ocean blank market in Saudi Arabia market.
  • Factory price: We are factory, you can get competitive cost from us.

Why Choose Us?

Beston Amusement is a professional and experienced commercial indoor playground equipment manufacturers and supplier in China. We have many different types of indoor soft play equipment for sale for Saudi Arabia customer in our factory. Except these, Beston Playground also provide indoor playground design and indoor funfair operation plan for our customers.

Professional Designer Team

professional designer team
1. Excellent designer team: Beston has a professional design team to support for the indoor playground solution.
2. The conformity between the physical object and the design drawings is as high as 99%.
3. Reasonable space planning, multi-element, multi-interesting and creative.

Installation Team

local installation team
1. Send Installation engineers to your place: Professional after-sales installation team in China.
2. Recommend reliable local team.
3. You can find installation enginners by yourself in the local place, we will provide online guidance.


Service and support
1. Warranty period: one year for the whole equipment.
2. Professional after-sales service department, feedback any problems within 24 hours and provide solutions in time.
3. Provide professional installation and maintenance services.

FAQ for Saudi Arabia Customer

Yes, we provide indoor playground equipment, but also provide indoor playground design service. We have our own designer team.
Yes, we provide installation service for the indoor playground equipment if you need, we will send installation workers to your place, you can also find some workers in your city, we will provide video installation guidance.

Children aged 1 to 13 years with a height of no more than 1.4 meters.
Yes, we do. We accept custom orders about the theme, size, color and logo of the indoor playground equipment.
Yes, Beston Amusement is a professional manufacturer and supplier of indoor playground equipment and mechanical rides, we have our own factory in China. You can get reasonable cost from us.
If it is difficult to buy indoor soft play equipment in Saudi Arabia, you can find a reliable indoor soft play equipment supplier online. There is no doubt that there are many reputable manufacturers for indoor soft play structures in Saudi Arabia, but if you find more reasonable equipment from other country, you can choose China and search on the internet.

You will find a complete list of indoor playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers, but you can choose a reliable one by analyzing the performance of the manufacturer.
1. Project Communication: Conduct preliminary communication with customers to understand customer needs and related situations with the project.

2. On-site Investigation:

A. The customer has a floor plan of the site and detailed dimensions should be marked, such as the length, width and height of the site, whether there are pillars in the site, the size of the pillars, and other conditions in the site. We can understand the site situation directly from the floor plan, and communicate with customers through telephone and online.

B. Does the customer needs us to investigate the site, measure the actual size of the site and communicate face-to-face.

3. Planning Scheme: Through preliminary communication and understanding of the site situation, we will make a preliminary design for the customer. Our designers will design the indoor playground scheme according to the customer’s site, demand and budget.

4. Scheme Review: The customer evaluates the preliminary scheme. If the customer is not satisfied with the scheme, we can make reasonable scheme adjustments as much as possible according to the customer’s requirements, and further improve it until the customer is satisfied and the final scheme is determined.

5. Quotation Confirmation: The quotation is made according to the final plan confirmed by the customer.

6. Confirm Cooperation: The customer confirms the quotation and signs a purchase contract and then we will arrange the production.

7. Transportation and Installation: The production and delivery will be completed within the delivery period agreed in the contract, and we will arrange the construction and installation according to the confirmation drawing.

8. After-sales Service: We have a professional after-sales team to provide customers with a full range of after-sales services.
The indoor playground equipment has many advantages, the venue is not restricted, the amusement items are freely matched, the interaction is high, the installation is simple, the operation is simple, the safety is high, the investment cost is low, etc., but do you know how to choose the right address for the indoor naughty castle?

Comprehensive Shopping Centers

The service functions of these shopping centers are very complete. There are things to eat, play, use, and watch, so there is a lot of traffic. In addition, there are many commercial systems around. Consumption power is generally higher than the general population.


In fact, there are many kinds of communities, such as high-end communities, mid-end communities, small communities, etc., The flow of people in these places is relatively concentrated, and the number of children is relatively large. Especially in mid-to-high-end communities, there are many young parents, and it is more beneficial to open a children’s playground equipment, because young people accept new things faster, are they are more willing to spend money for kids.


There are more children in the kindergarten now, and it is also the main consumer group of kids indoor playground equipment.

In addition, there are many places suitable for indoor playground equipment investment. Are you planning to to invest in a indoor playground for kids in Saudi Arabia? Confused about location selection? Feel free to get in touch with Beston Amusement and we’ll be happy to give you some useful tips.
There are generally two types of plastics that is used in the indoor playground equipment, one is environmentally friendly engineering plastics, and the other is acrylic board (plexiglass).


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