Indoor playground project in Saudi Arabia

1320㎡ Customized Indoor Playground Installed In Saudi Arabia

Basic Information About the Indoor Playground

Shopping Mall In Bisha, Saudi Arabia
Indoor Playground
Ocean Theme
Delivery Time:
September 2022
Installation Time:
October to November 2022
Installation Methods:
On-site Installation

Video of Saudi Arabia Indoor Playground Project

Cooperation Details With Saudi Arabia Customer

Detailed Information About This Project

This is an indoor project located in Bisha, Saudi Arabia, at a shopping center called Central Park Hotel. It is currently under construction. The primary purpose of constructing the shopping center is to attract more foot traffic and promote the growth of the hotel business for our client. Given the hot local climate in Saudi Arabia, people generally have a preference for ocean and snow themes. We recommend a marine theme to our client, which is more popular among the local population and is also conducive to the long-term operation of the client’s project.

Beston Designer Team
Saudi Arabia customer's site
Communication Process With the Customer

On April 14th, we received an inquiry from the client. Upon contacting the client, we learned that the basic construction of the shopping mall had already been completed, and only interior decoration remained. Between April 14th and May 11th, we communicated promptly with the client, finalizing the layout and design of the Naughty Castle project through phone calls, video conferences, and other means. After approximately 5 rounds of revisions, the project design was ultimately confirmed, and we signed a contract with the owner.

Indoor playground equipmeng design for Saudi Arabia customer
Customized Design for Saudi Arabia Customer

Our business manager learned from the communication with the client that the primary purpose of investing in this indoor amusement park is to drive the development of their own hotel. From the project positioning perspective, this will be the first large-scale indoor amusement park project in Bisha, Saudi Arabia. Due to the hot weather in Saudi Arabia, people are more inclined towards ocean and snow themes, so our sales manager recommended the Blue Ocean theme to the client. Blue is more popular among the local population.

Final design of the indoor project
Indoor playground design
Production & Shipping

After signing the contract with the client and receiving the deposit, we began to arrange the production of the equipment. Due to the large scale of the entire project, the entire manufacturing process took about 2 months, with the overall equipment being completed in early July. We scheduled the shipment as agreed with the client for mid-September, and the client received the goods approximately a month later.

Packing of Indoor Playground Equipment to Vietnam
Equipment Packing for Turkey
Installation Team On-site Onstallation

According to the pre-agreed contract with the client, we dispatched installation engineers to Saudi Arabia to guide the installation of the Naughty Castle. The entire project commenced on October 21st and was completed on November 18th. Throughout the installation process, the client expressed satisfaction with our company’s services.

Installation details of Saudi Arabia indoor playground
On-site installation of indoor playground in Saudi Arabia
Customer Feedback

On March 14, 2023, the indoor Naughty Castle project for our Saudi client had a grand opening. The client sent us a video of the opening ceremony. Beston Amusement wishes the customers great success in their business!

Beston Service Team for Indoor Playground Project


Design team: provide customers with overall project solutions and more attractive design solutions.

On-site Installation Team

Installation team: provide customers with on-site installation, localized installation, and online installation guidance services.


After-sales service team: solve the problems existing in the operation of the indoor naughty castle for customers.

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