Large Indoor Playground Solution In Saudi Arabia

Large Indoor Playground Solution In Saudi Arabia
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Good news, after about a month, the Saudi Arabia client’s 1320 square meter indoor playground project was basically installed, and a beautiful ocean world was born in the Central Park hotel in Bisha in Saudi Arabia. Let’s take a look at this project together:

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Introduction of the Project

The indoor playground equipment purchased by the customer is to be built in a shopping mall in Bisha, Saudi Arabia. The name of the shopping mall is called Central Park hotel. The shopping mall is still under construction. The construction of the indoor playground project is mainly to attract more people and to drive the hotel’s business. This ocean theme indoor playground will be the first large-scale indoor project in Bisha, Saudi Arabia.

Understand the Requirements

After receiving the customer’s inquiry on April 14th, our sales manager, Alice, quickly got in touch with the customer to understand the customer’s specific needs, including the customer’s project address, location, site conditions, and the customer’s favorite indoor playground equipment style. Our team provided the customer with the 3D design plan of the project. After about 5 revisions, the final plan was determined, and the contract was signed with the customer to start arranging equipment production.

Indoor Playground Design for Saudi Arabia

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Shipping and Installation

Beston team provides installation services for customers, and we send installation engineers to Saudi Arabia to guide the installation. From October 21, 2022, to November 18, 2022, after about a month, the installation of the customer’s indoor playground project is completed, and the customers are relatively satisfied with our company’s services.

Delivery time and location Sent from Zhongshan Port in September 2022
Installation time and cycle Installation time: October 21, 2022-November 18, 2022

Installation of Indoor Playground Equipment In Bisha, Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground Installation In Bisha,Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground Equipment Installation in Bisha,Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground Solution Provider – Beston Playground

As a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer, Beston Playground not only provide customers with a variety of indoor soft playground equipment, but also provide customers with indoor playground solutions from 0 to 1, so that you can worry and rest assured. If you are planning to invest in indoor playground in Saudi Arabia. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement to get the best solution!

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