Author: bestonplayground

Author: bestonplayground

Indoor Playground Equipment On-site Installation In Qatar
Image 2022-11-08 Projects bestonplayground

Latest news, our installation engineers have arrived in Qatar to install the 2 sets of indoor playground equipment. Till now, the first set of equipment in Qatar’s new airport has been installed, and the second set of equipment is being installed. It is expected that the installation of the two sets of equipment will be

Forest Indoor Playground Equipment Delivery and Installation in Uzbekistan
Image 2022-11-05 Projects bestonplayground

Good news, the 1000 square meter indoor playground equipment for Uzbekistan customer has been shipped and entered the installation stage. In April, Uzbekistan customer learned about our indoor soft play equipment through our company’s official website. Our professional designer team designs according to the customer’s site conditions, budget and specific requirements. After several revisions, the

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale In Saudi Arabia
Image 2022-10-26 Projects bestonplayground

Indoor playground equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia is not restricted by venues and weather. It is composed of slides, trampolines, ocean ball pools, climbing walls and other games. While it provides children with a variety of ways to play, it also brings considerable profits to merchants. Many customers have reported that the cost can

Indoor Playground Equipment On-site Installation to Qatar and Saudi Arabia
Image 2022-10-10 News bestonplayground

Good news! The production of indoor playground equipment for Qatar and Saudi Arabia customer has been completed! And Engineer Ren from Beston Amusement will set off to Qatar and Saudi Arabia to finish the installation process. First, Engineer Ren will set off to Qatar to finish the installation process of two indoor playground equipment, this

892 Square Meters Indoor Playground Equipment In Uzbekistan
Image 2022-09-20 Projects bestonplayground

Good news! A large indoor playground equipment is installing in Uzbekistan and the installation process is expected to be completed in October 2022. It is a large customized indoor playground which is used for the shopping mall in Uzbekistan. The basic color of this indoor playground is ocean and macaron themed. This is one of

How much does it cost to invest in a indoor playground equipment?
Image 2022-06-10 News bestonplayground

Do you know how much does it cost to invest in a kid’s indoor playground equipment in 2022? How much is a kiddie indoor playground equipment? How much is a square meter of kids indoor playground equipment? If you want to open a new playground, but you do not know how much money will it

Indoor Playground Equipment for Malaysia      
Image 2022-05-31 Projects bestonplayground

Looking for new indoor playground equipment suppliers and manufacturers for your business in Malaysia? Choose Beston Amusement. With experienced workers, professional designer and high experienced exported cases, Beston will try our best to give you a high quality and reasonable price indoor playground equipment and professional instructions and plan for your new business. Contact us

Beston Indoor Soft Play to Malaysia
Image 2022-01-04 Projects bestonplayground

220㎡ customized indoor soft playground has been installed at Malaysia by Beston Amusement. Here is the details. Get a Free Quote If you want to build a new indoor funfair, welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details.

70㎡ Indoor Playground Shipping to Uzbekistan
Image 2021-12-17 Projects bestonplayground

Are you planning to build a new indoor playground in Uzbekistan? Are you looking for new indoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier. Welcome to Beston Amusement for indoor playground details to Uzbekistan. In this page, you can get more information about the Beston 70 ㎡ Indoor sofy playground shipping to Uzbekistan. Get a Free Quote

2600㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment Installed at Uzbekistan
Image 2021-12-14 Projects bestonplayground

Last month, our indoor playground equipment has been shipping to Uzbekistan. Then a large comprehensive indoor playground equipment with an area of 2600㎡ will be installed at Uzbekistan by Beston Amusement. If you want to know more about this case, Here is the design and details of the indoor playground equipment. Get a Free Quote