Forest Indoor Playground Equipment Delivery and Installation in Uzbekistan

Forest Indoor Playground Equipment Delivery and Installation in Uzbekistan
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Good news, the 1000 square meter indoor playground equipment for Uzbekistan customer has been shipped and entered the installation stage. In April, Uzbekistan customer learned about our indoor soft play equipment through our company’s official website. Our professional designer team designs according to the customer’s site conditions, budget and specific requirements. After several revisions, the customer confirms the project rendering, and finally purchased the 1000 square meter forest-themed indoor playground to use in a new shopping mall. The following is the rendering of the indoor playground equipment we provided for Uzbekistan customers:

Forest Theme Indoor Playground Equipment Design for Uzbekistan
Forest Theme Indoor Playground Equipment Design for Uzbekistan

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Introduction of the Indoor Playground Equipment

The venue of the Uzbekistan customer is rectangular, so the indoor playground equipment is completely customized according to the customer’s venue. It mainly adopts the forest theme, which makes children feel like they are playing in a virgin forest. According to customer requirements, this indoor naughty castle is mainly equipped with slide area, ocean ball pool area, climbing area, trampoline area, interactive area, etc. Here’s the 3D perspective view of the project:

Project Design for Uzbekistan Customer
Indoor Project Design for Uzbekistan

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Shipping Details for Naughty Castle for Uzbekistan Customer

After receiving the customer’s order, we started the production of the equipment. Due to the urgent needs of the customer, we prioritized the production of the equipment and completed the production soon. The next step is to prepare the delivery of the equipment, the equipment of this project is relatively large which use three trucks in total. In order to ensure that the goods can be installed and reach to the customer, we strictly control the packaging and loading of the equipment to reduce the loss of equipment during transportation.

Packing of Indoor Playground Equipment for Uzbekistan

Loading of Indoor Playground Equipment for Customer

Steel Pipe of Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Soft Play Equipment Packing and Shipping

Indoor Playground Equipment Shipping

Indoor Playground Equipment is Loading

Installation of the Indoor Soft Playground Equipment

Usually, if the customer needs, we will provide the on-site installation for the customer. But for this project, the customer found an installation team in their local place in Uzbekistan, so Beston Amusement is responsible for providing online guidance services for the customer. We provide the customer with the installation drawings of the project and provide the customer with video guidance in time to ensure the smooth installation of the project.

Second floor slide plan

Middle Floor Plan

First floor plan

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As a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer, our business involves more than 100 countries around the world, mainly including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Qatar, Turkey, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries. We focus on the design, production and installation of indoor playground, providing customers with a full range of indoor project solutions. Want to invest in an indoor playground project? Not sure how to get started? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement now!


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