How to Install the Indoor Playground Equipment

How to Install the Indoor Playground Equipment
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Frame Installation

Put the fasteners in a suitable position on the connecting pipe and tighten the screws with a tool. One person stands up according to a post on the corner of the wall marked by the drawing, puts it in the correct position, puts the connecting piece according to the drawing, and fixes the lower side According to the requirements marked in the drawing, pick up another column and put the connecting tube into it. It is required that the connecting tube touches the column tube and tighten the screw with a tool. For the sake of safety, the upper connecting piece should also be fixed a little, then the connecting tube is sleeved in, and then the fixing screw is tightened.

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According to the drawings, different links are set on different posts. You can also put the feet first and tighten all the connecting fasteners. Stand up the post, butt it with the connecting pipe, and tighten the screws. And so on, until the entire frame is installed. When connecting, the requirements are the same from the first floor to the second floor, to the third floor, and finally to the cap.

Project Installation

Put the holed product into the standard connecting tube, and take the bottom as the standard, and put it into the connecting piece. After it is in place, tighten the fixing screw to complete the whole process. The fixing method of similar products is the same. Lift the required product to the position marked on the back of the drawing, put it into the reserved connector, tighten the fixing screws, raise the support tube to prevent deformation of the product to a reasonable position, and then tighten the fixing screws. Use a hand drill to press the standard drill bit of the screw model to punch the product, and set a special screw from the hole, add a plastic cap, add a gasket, cover the screw, and tighten with a tool. Lift the assembled product to the position indicated on the drawing. The screws in the different products are different. Use a power drill to drill the positioned product, insert a special screw from the inner wall, and use a cap and a gasket to screw the tool. Tighten. Products that do not need to be assembled can be directly lifted to the position marked on the drawing.

The distance between the four sides must be determined with a ruler. The distance must be the same. Use a hand drill to punch holes from the inner wall of the product to the bottom connection tube, and insert a special flat-head screw. The pieces and nuts secure the product to the connecting rod, and the installation method for large products is the same. The way of the iron cable bridge is to cut the iron chain, first put a special screw on one end and fix it. Then fix the other end in the same way. Start the customized product on both sides, place it on the drawn iron chain, and tighten the product with a gasket and a nut at the bottom. The middle size must be the same size. Except for the platform, all products are fixed before they start to pull the net.

Pull the Net

Before drawing the net, open the entire coil of wire to the same length, and cut it with a knife from the middle for drawing the net. The net must be pulled from the side against the wall, from the periphery of the pillar to the other side. Start fixing from one corner. After the upper corner is fixed, use a rope to wind the net all the way to the other corner. It is best to go beyond the other corner, then return to the net by the post, and go directly to the required pull. The bottom of the net. The bottom must be fastened with a tie knot. It is very difficult to pull the bottom edge net. After the bottom corner is tightened, the protective net must be tightened and fixed every two meters below the fixed net so that the net cannot be pulled. It is not beautiful after being pulled down or pulled up. Bottom netting requires that each knot must have a knot between every three grids. After pulling all the nets together, start packing the protective sleeve.


Cut the PVC wrapping tube with a knife in the middle of the slit. Some products are directly opened. Be careful not to cut or hand. Put the sleeve in the packaged position and use the blade to cut off the part to be cut off. The inner wall of the crossed-out part should be thinned to make it more beautiful. Make sure not to expose the connectors and pipes after wrapping. The size of different parts is not the same. Tighten the sleeved hose with a special cable tie.

Do not expose the iron pipe to the outside, which affects safety and beauty. There must be a cable tie above and below each fastener, and the cable tie must not be too tight. The packaging method of the connecting rod is also the same, except that the opening method is different in different places. The net head must be wrapped inside where there is a net, and it cannot be exposed, which affects safety and beauty. After tying, the extra band must be cut flat with a knife to prevent it from getting into the child.

After all safety is completed, the plastic cap must be closed with a special cap to ensure safety. What do you want to know about the indoor playground equipment? Contact Beston Amusement for details now!

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