Indoor Project In Vietnam Has Been Completed

Indoor Project In Vietnam Has Been Completed
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Good news, Beston Amusement’s 1189-square-meter indoor naughty castle project in Vietnam has been delivered and completed. From September 24, 2022, the customer’s inquiry was received, and by the end of February 2023, in about 5 months, the customer’s indoor project has been opened, and received Many children like it, and there is a lot of traffic every day. I hope that the customer’s business is booming, and they will return to their capital as soon as possible!

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Details of the Project

September 24 to September 30, 2022 After receiving the customer’s inquiry form, I learned that the customer’s site is about 1189 square meters. It is located in a famous apartment building in Hanoi, Vietnam. The customer has a certain understanding of the naughty castle project, so the communication is very smooth. According to the customer’s needs, our design department quickly made a preliminary layout drawing for the customer.
September 30th to October 15th According to customer requirements, modify the 3D design drawing several times, and confirmed the final version.
October 24th Signed a contract with the customer
December Complete equipment production and arrange delivery according to the contract
January 2023 Online Guidance Installation
End of February 2023 Project opening

3D Design for Indoor Project In Vietnam

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Production and Delivery

After received the deposit, we arrange the production in time. During the production, we strictly control the details and ensure the quality of the equipment. On the premise of ensuring the quality, according to the contract, the production and delivery will be completed in time without delaying the customer’s construction period.

Indoor playground equipment production for Vietnam

10 Bumper Cars for Vietnam Indoor Playground

Packing of Indoor Playground Equipment to Vietnam

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Online Guidance Installation

Before delivery, all steel pipes are pre-installed in our factory to promise the quality. After the goods arrive at the customer’s site, remind the customer to check the goods in time to ensure the integrity of the goods. About the installation, our clients choose the online guidance installation. The number of our equipment is very complete, coupled with professional online guidance, so the whole installation process is very smooth.

Vietnam Indoor Playground Installation

The Indoor Playground Equipment Installation

Installation of Indoor Playground In Vietnam

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Customer Feedback from the Opening Site

The quality of the equipment we provided was up to standard, so after the installation was completed, the customer held the opening ceremony soon. Since the opening of the indoor park, the daily flow of people has been very large, and it has been loved by many customers around.

Vietnam Indoor Playground Feedback

Indoor Playground Project In Vietnam

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