Overall Structure of Indoor Playground Equipment

Overall Structure of Indoor Playground Equipment
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Most of indoor playground equipment are made of different parts in the indoor playground business industry. Here is the overall structure of Beston Indoor playground equipment. When you need to build a new indoor playground for kids, you can decide by seeing these parts and then to decide how to match the new indoor playground.

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Drilling Holes Allow children to have full physical exercise and physical movements
Crazy Cannons Exercise physical fitness, inspiring children’s aggressive spirit and courage to overcome difficulties.
Ocean Ball Pool Help kids to learn color, points, grouping, calculation, throwing, tapping, cleaning, discipline, habits, etc.
Trampoline Exercises his leg muscles and improves body coordination.
Balance Table Establishes the ability to balance the body.
Wooden Bridge Builds the ability to balance the body, improve the coordination of the body, and exercise the guts of the child.
Air Gliding Exercises physical fitness and stimulates children’s courage to overcome difficulties.
Combination of the horn kick posture and the two sides Promotes a high degree of motion planning.
Massage Ball Tests the child’s balance and gravity.
Coconut Tree Children climb in a safe parallel rotation, coordinate and coordinate through the upper and lower limbs, form a new balance experience, and promote the improvement of sensory integration.
Water Roller Children use a smart and agile movement to control a floating ball on the water, which can exercise children’s limb coordination.
Water Slide Adding dynamic elements to the traditional concept slide, making it useful and visually new. Children enjoy the happy moment of sliding down, and the sound of water makes them more happy.
Panting The children are constantly climbing up on the shaken slider, and press the button when climbing to the top, indicating that the adventure is successful, which not only can exercise children’s adventure, tenacity, but also let them realize the task. After the sense of accomplishment.
Happy Octopus In the equal rotation, children use the method of climbing and climbing to maintain the balance of the body and promote the development of children’s waist, back, abdomen and limbs.
Water Bed Children are aware of the smooth, soft and unstable nature of the waterbed, challenging the natural state, accumulating control and active body experience.
Treasure Ship Children form a benign stimulus on the boat that swings up and down, which can enrich the ontological experience of young children and the healthy development of the nervous system.
Small Turntable Children’s slow rotation and high handrails can create an active balance for them and develop coordination in sports.
Swing Climbing Frame Children are free to climb up and down on a constantly swaying climbing frame, in order to increase children’s endurance and physical fitness, exercise balance and coordination.
Balloon House The scientific principle of air convection and the special balloon with colorful and light materials are perfectly combined. When the children step into this space, it seems to enter the dream world.
Inflatable trampoline Combined with traditional inflatable bouncing, climbing slides and other items, increase the use of the inner circulation of the scientific principle of the airflow, so that the balloon continues to turn, let the children enjoy the same feeling of weightlessness in space.

All of these parts can match each other to build a whole new indoor playground equipment. You can choose different parts to build your indoor playground. We have professional designers team for 3D Indoor Playground design. Send us your inquiry now!

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