Why Indoor Playground Equipment Become So Popular

Why Indoor Playground Equipment Become So Popular
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In recent years, the children’s economy has risen strongly, and the children’s amusement industry has become a “sweet and pastry” in everyone’s eyes. Everyone wants to get a share of the pie, especially the indoor children’s playground, which has been favored by many investors. But we can see that with the continuous increase of indoor children’s playgrounds, homogeneity is an unavoidable problem. So, what kind of models are present in children’s amusement parks, and where will they go in the future?

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First of all, through market research, it is concluded that there are mainly the following types of indoor children’s playgrounds:

First, Separated Indoor Playground

A single naughty castle was very popular in the past few years, but recently a single naughty castle will be equipped with some children’s electric entertainment equipment, such as coconut trees, a small carousel, children’s swing machine, etc., in order to increase the attraction of a single naughty castle to children. Naughty Castle, also called Kid’s Castle, is aimed at children who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, swing, jump, shake, etc. through scientific three-dimensional combination of amusement, sports, puzzles, fitness and other functions. Children’s Activity Center. Because it is not subject to site restrictions (indoor only), simple management, convenient maintenance, small investment and fast recovery of funds, it is favored by investors.

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Second, Indoor Playground With Creative Project and Children’s Game Machine

We often say that indoor children’s playgrounds should allow children to learn knowledge while playing, which is also called “entertainment and fun”. This is a point that parents are very happy to comment on. The more function of Naughty Castle and children’s game consoles is to allow children to have fun. Of course, children can also learn knowledge from many children’s game consoles, but this effect is not intuitive, so there is a children’s creative handmade project. Born. Children’s creative handmade projects are also what we commonly call children’s DIY, that is, do it yourself. There are many types of projects, such as children’s paper-cutting, children’s color painting, children’s pottery, and children’s personalized gifts handmade. Such creative projects and learning projects are becoming more and more popular among parents and children.

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Third, Indoor Playground and Children’s Game Console

With the increase of single naughty castles, investors have moved children’s game consoles into indoor children’s playgrounds for differentiated competition, such as children’s racing game consoles, children’s basketball game consoles, and mole games, which are more popular with children. Children’s swing machines, children’s music game consoles… This model can be understood as: Naughty Castle + Children’s Video Game City. This model has become more and more common.

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  • Beautiful appearance. People yearn for all beautiful things. The beautiful appearance of children’s amusement equipment brings people a visual impact, which will undoubtedly attract more tourists’ attention. Even if you don’t take a ride, stop and watch can bring more Popularity, and then mobilize the atmosphere, attract more people to play.
  • Diversified functions. Children’s amusement equipment has multiple functions and can attract tourists. The operating modes of the equipment are generally divided into rotating, lifting, and swinging. These can bring people sensory stimulation and physical and mental pleasure. Some equipment is only a single operating mode. For example, a pirate ship that can only swing, there are also some equipment that has two or more operating modes, such as a carousel with both rotation and elevation, and a self-controlled aircraft. The equipment with more operating modes can attract people’s interest in play.
  • Interactive experience. With the development of science and technology, children’s amusement equipment has also added more sound and light elements. Equipment that can interact with tourists can attract children’s attention, such as self-controlled aircraft that can control the height of elevation; infrared target function The dream flying saucer, the water gun shooting function of the fierce battle Shark Island, the snail agent team, the carp jumps the dragon gate, and the target will make a corresponding call; the happy spray ball car that can catch the ball and play. These devices that allow tourists to interact with each other are more popular.

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