Indoor Playground Operating Site In Turkey

Indoor Playground Operating Site In Turkey
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A few days ago, we received a video of the indoor playground’s business site from our Turkish customer. From the video, we can see that on the business day, there was a lot of traffic. The customer tell us that equipments are loved by players in their local place. From the opening to today, There is a lot of traffic every day, and the business is very good.

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Indoor Playground Customization Process

1 Project Design: 100% customized, the design usually takes 2-7 days to complete

A. In order to ensure that the interior project design fits perfectly with your site, you can provide us with a site plan and indicate detailed information on the plan (including but not limited to site height, entrance, column position and size, toilet, etc. Location)

B. Our solutions can be customized, and we accept customization of the color, theme, size, logo, etc. of the indoor amusement equipment (welcome to communicate with us in advance).
Indoor Playground Equipment Design Team

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2 Equipment Production

Equipment production usually takes about 15–30 days (depending on the size of the project and the length of time to determine the plan)

Factory pre-installation: We will try to install the metal and plastic parts of the naughty castle before delivery, and we will also provide physical pictures and 3D installation pictures.

Indoor Play Structures Production

Indoor Playground Equipment Production Details

3 Delivery and Installation: generally takes about 15–30 days (depending on the size of the project)

1. The Beston Playground team will arrange technicians and installation engineers to go to the customer site for installation (electrical engineers and mechanical engineers), and can also guide the installation online (you can negotiate with us in advance).
2. We provide customers with equipment operation manuals. After the project is successfully installed and debugged, the installers will provide free staff training services.

On-site Installation In Saudi Arrabia

Indoor Playground Equipment Installation In Qatar

About Beston Playground

As a professional indoor playground designer and indoor playground equipment manufacturer, Beston Amusement has established a lot of indoor and outdoor project in the world, including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Qatar, Panama, etc. We provide customers with indoor playground project designs with different themes, including but not limited to ocean themes, forest themes, candy themes, space themes, etc. The shape, size, and logo can all be customized according to customer needs. If you are planning to invest in indoor projects, welcome to contact us for a full range of solutions!


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