Macaron Indoor Playground Installed at Kuwait

Macaron Indoor Playground Installed at Kuwait
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A few days ago, we received feedback from customers in Kuwait about the installation of an indoor playground. The customer is very satisfied with our indoor playground equipment and services. The following is a video of the customer receiving the equipment and the installation of the playground. If you are also planning to invest in indoor playground business in Kuwait, welcome to contact Beston Amusement for indoor project solutions!

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Progress of Kuwait Indoor Project

Get the Customer’s Requirement: After receiving the customer’s inquiry in June, our sales manager quickly got in touch with the customer to understand the customer’s specific needs. The customer wanted to customize the indoor playground, and the customer communicated with us how to choose the theme of the indoor playground, and finally he chose a macaron-style customized naughty castle. Macaron is a more popular color nowadays.

Indoor playground site in Kuwait
Customer’s Site In Kuwait

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Customer site in Kuwait
Kuwait Customer’s Site

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Determination of 2D and 3D Design: After confirming the customer’s preferences and knowing the customer’s site conditions, we will prepare 2D and 3D design schemes for the customer according to the specific conditions. Communicate with customers in time during the design process, modify the plan in time, and finally confirm the indoor playground plan after several revisions.

3D Design for Indoor Playground In Kuwait

Kuwait Indoor Playground Design

Indoor Playground Design for Kuwait

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Cost Calculation/Contract Signing: After the plan is determined, we calculate the cost of the equipment accurately for the customer. After the cost is determined, we signed the contract with each other and the customer’s deposit is received. Then we arrange the factory to start equipment production.

Shipping & Installation for the Indoor Playground

After the production of the equipment was completed, we arranged the delivery according to the agreed time with the customer, and sent it from Qingdao Port soon. The customer received the goods on October 19th and completed the installation of the naughty castle around November 10th.

Packing of indoor playground equipment

Indoor playground packing

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The indoor playground equipment from Beston Amusement is easy to assemble. The customer installed it according to the drawings that we offered, basically without guidance from us. But please remember except the drawings, we also provide free online installation guidance to customer and if you need, we can also send installation engineers to your place to finish the installation works.

Praise from Customer

Customers in Kuwait had a good impression of Beston Amusement, and felt that our sales manager responded in a timely manner and was very professional. He had good suggestions for customers to choose, and the customer also sent us some video feedback.

Praise from Customer In Kuwait

Indoor Playground Service from Beston

Beston Amusement is a professional indoor playground designer and indoor playground equipment manufacturer. We can design the indoor playground according to your requirement. If you are planning to investing in a profitable indoor playground in the shopping mall, hotel, airport or other places, welcome to contact Beston Amusement.


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