Successful Indoor Playground Installation Case In Indonesia

Successful Indoor Playground Installation Case In Indonesia
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Latest news, the Indonesian customer’s space-themed indoor playground project has been put into use. The customer’s project is about 153 square meters. The main projects include soft play equipment, trampoline park, playground slide, building blocks, ball pit, etc. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of our equipment and service, and the whole process is very smooth. If you also want to invest in indoor playground projects in Indonesia, please contact us for online solutions!

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Indoor Playground Design for Indonesia Customer

It took about five months from receiving customer inquiries in November 2022 to receiving customer operational feedback. After understanding the specific needs of the customer, we quickly provided the customer with a suitable interior design scheme. According to the customer’s requirements for the project style and game project, the following is the customer’s project design drawing:

Final design of the indoor playground for Indonesia customer
Final Design

Production and Pre-Installation of the Indoor Playground

The production of the overall equipment is basically completed in about 10 days. After the production is completed, the customer’s overall naughty castle structure will be pre-installed in our factory to ensure the integrity of the parts and provide guarantee for the smooth installation of the customer.

Indoor Playground Equipment Production

Pre-install of indoor Playground in our factory

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Installation Feedback from Indonesia

After the installation was completed, the customer was very satisfied with the overall color matching of the project, the quality of the equipment, and the effect display, and sent us pictures and videos of the completed installation:

Customer Feedback of Indoor Playground from Indonesia

Indoor Playground Installation Feedback

Installation Feedback from Indonesia

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