Indoor Playground Project In Turkey

Indoor Playground Project In Turkey
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This is a large-scale comprehensive indoor project that invested by our Turkish customer. In addition to the naughty castle area, there are also some mechanical equipment areas. The project has been completed since the transaction last year, and the delivery and equipment installation have been completed. After the customer’s preparations are completed, the project will be completed and will be put into operation soon. Do you want to invest in indoor playground projects in Turkey? Welcome to contact Beston Playground for more information!

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Provide Indoor Project Solutions

The customer’s venue is a rectangle. Before designing, the customer sent us the relevant video of the venue and the specific size of the venue. Combined with the customer’s needs for specific amusement projects, we made several renderings for the customer, and also provided video design solutions for customers. After several communication revisions, the final requirements were determined.

Final rendering of pirate ship theme indoor playground equipment for Turkey customer

final rendering for Turkey indoor playground project

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All Equipment List for Turkey Indoor Project

As it is a comprehensive indoor project, except the indoor playground equipment areas, there are also mechanical areas for players to participate. Here is the purchase list:

Indoor Playground Equipment Mini Roller Coaster for Kids
Frog Hopper Ride 12 Person Kids Ferris Wheel Ride
10*12 m Bumper Cars(6 Sets) Kids Excavators (4 Sets)
Carousel Ride Music Carousel Ride
Electric Games and VR Games(52 Sets In Total)

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Production and Delivery of The Equipment

Production of the Equipment to Turkey: After receive the deposit, we arrange the production details soon. All amusement equipment for this order has been finished in about 2 months.

Packing & Delivery of the Equipment to Turkey: After all the equipment is produced, it will be delivered on time according to the customer’s requirements. We have prepared the optimal packing plan for the customer in advance (as shown in the figure below). All the equipment needs to occupy 12 containers to save the customer’s transportation costs to the greatest extent.

Indoor Playground Equipment Packing

Equipment Packing for Turkey

Amusement Equipment is ready for shipping

Feedback from Turkey Customer

Till now, the project is 90% complete, and finishing work will be over soon. The customer feel satisfied with the working attitude of our company’s sales manager, the whole process of equipment production, packing and delivery, and equipment installation. The whole cooperation process is very smooth. Beston Amusement hope the indoor business of Turkey customer will be operation smoothly.

Why You Need to Invest In Indoor Playground In Turkey

With the rise of indoor amusement parks, more and more investors are beginning to invest in indoor naughty castle parks. Why are indoor playground so popular with customers in Turkey? Why invest in an indoor naughty castle park in Turkey? In addition to the fact that the investment cost is much lower than that of outdoor machinery parks, there are also weather and some other factors.


The climate in Turkey is complex and changeable, but the operation of the indoor park is basically not affected by the weather. The operating hours are not affected by the weather and can be opened all year round.

Low Tax Rate

Algeria’s free trade policy provides convenience for locals to import amusement rides from China. Tariffs and interest rates are relatively low, which is suitable for importing from abroad.

Low Investment Cost

The investment cost is low and ROI is high. Some customers pay back their capital within 3–5 months. Low investment and high return, more suitable for investment in indoor naughty castle park projects.

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Our Indoor Project In the World

Except this comprehensive indoor playground project in Turkey, Beston Amusement has many related indoor and outdoor amusement project in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Panama, Vietnam, Qatar, Russia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and other 80 countries. According to customer requirement and site conditions, it is our aim to provide customers with the best solution so that customers can obtain the highest ROI.

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