Basic Information About the Indoor Playground

Shopping Mall In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Indoor Playground
Snow Theme
Delivery Time:
September 2022
Installation Time:
October to November 2022
Installation Methods:
Online Guidance Installation

Video of Snow-themed Saudi Arabia Indoor Playground Project

Cooperation Details With Saudi Arabia Customer

Detailed Information About This Project

Three equipment units, including a 150-square-meter indoor snow playground, a 5-meter-high climbing wall, and a 120-square-meter mirror maze, have been shipped and installed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. These facilities are part of the Riyadh Snow Avalanche and Riyadh Snow Park project and arrived in Saudi Arabia in September 2021. The project is currently operational and has been well-received by visitors.

Project Details of Snow Themed Indoor Playground

Due to the overall project requirements, our Saudi Arabian client expressed interest in purchasing an indoor amusement equipment with an ice and snow theme. We initially provided a design proposal based on the client’s site conditions. The client was satisfied with our indoor amusement park design but wished to customize the colors. We proceeded to modify the design and overall color scheme to align with their logo colors, and they were highly pleased with the color design.

Snow Themed Indoor Playground Design
Over-all Design for the Project

This is the design proposal we have prepared for our indoor amusement park client in Saudi Arabia, tailored to their specific requirements. The proposal encompasses the overall project design as well as designs for a 150-square-meter play area, a mirror maze, and a climbing wall.

Indoor playground equipment design
indoor playground design for Saudi Arabia
Production and Delivery

Due to the relatively uncomplicated nature of the overall project, the entire production process proceeded swiftly. Upon the completion of equipment manufacturing, we promptly initiated the shipment as per the contractual agreement.

Snow themed indoor playground equipment packing
Equipment Packing for Turkey
Installation and Feedback

After all the equipment has been shipped and arrived in Saudi Arabia, due to pandemic-related restrictions, we were unable to travel to the local area for installation guidance. Therefore, we provided our customers with extremely detailed installation instructions and online guidance. Local engineers successfully completed the entire project installation by following the equipment’s installation manual and our after-sales team’s online video instructions.

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Designer team: provide customers with overall indoor and outdoor project solutions and more attractive design solutions.

On-site Installation Team

Installation team: provide customers with on-site installation, localized installation, and online installation guidance services.


After-sales service team: solve the problems existing in the operation of the indoor playground equipment for customers.

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