Indoor Playground Equipment Prices

Indoor Playground Equipment Prices
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When you want to know indoor playground equipment prices, you need also know that different types of indoor playground equipment will be at different prices. Here Beston amusement will give some tips on buying new indoor playground equipment.

Kiddie Indoor Playground Equipment Prices
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BNP-02 Price of Indoor Playground Equipment

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Here, Beston will introduce some basic information of commercial indoor playground equipment and what are the main cost included, then you will have a clear budget for buying commercial indoor playground equipment for your business, such as shopping mall, supermarket, amusement park, funfair.

  • For example, a 1000 square kids indoor playground equipment should be around 1 million. More details will be depending on the decoration grades and equipment.
  • According to the introduction of 1000 square meters of kids playground, it will takes more than 1 million.
  • Additionally, you also need the site rent, renovation costs, personal expenses, and pre-publication.
  • The cost of indoor playground equipment will roughly calculated according to 500 to 1000 yuan a square meter (the price will be larger depending on the grade).

If the site of our customers are particularly large and require a large size of indoor playground equipment, then the price of the indoor playground equipment will be higher. For those customers who have limited financial resources, it is not a big deal. Because we can create a high-end, low-end naughty castle in all directions, there is always a perfect indoor playground equipment for you! And we can also create a cost-effective solution which based on the customer’s actual budget and the city and surrounding consumption levels! If you really want to know the price range, we will give you 300-500-800-1000 /㎡, please contact us, send us your inquiry, our sales manager will reply you price list soon. Welcome to contact us for indoor playground equipment prices now.

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